For a long time, veterinary bottle packaging has not received much attention in packaging manufacturers. Many companies now engaged in the production of veterinary medicine bottles do not focus on this area. Most of them are pesticide bottle manufacturers, and veterinary bottles are just for them to expand their market share and business. These companies rarely put effort into the field of veterinary medicine bottles, let alone the improvement and innovation of packaging products.

Now, with the development of the veterinary drug market, the veterinary drug industry has shifted from the extensive development of the past to relying on the development of product innovation. Some enterprises in the veterinary drug market that are not good at innovation are bound to be eliminated by the market. As a veterinary medicine bottle packaging manufacturer, it has a great relationship with the development of the downstream market. Therefore, we must better grasp market dynamics. To cooperate with those manufacturers who are conscious of innovation as much as possible, otherwise, once the downstream manufacturers are impacted, veterinary bottle manufacturers cannot be left alone. This is related to the long-term development of veterinary medicine bottle packaging companies.

In addition, the veterinary medicine bottle packaging also needs to face end users, that is, engaged in breeding friends, they are direct users of veterinary medicine bottles, veterinary medicine bottle design and packaging should be based on their experience of the use of priority, more to listen to the end-user experience , Continuous improvement of products.

Felt Board

Ideal for communication and display

The WEYOUNG Classic Cork Bulletin Board lets you display your documents with classic style. The durable, self-healing cork helps extend the life of your board. With its natural cork and sturdy silver aluminum frame, this board will add a classic look to your office or home. Both strong and stylish, it will be a great addition to your space. Proudly assembled in US with foreign and domestic parts. We are dedicated to providing quality, long-lasting products to our customers. Flexible mounting allows you to set up your bulletin board either horizontally or vertically. Easily customize the board orientation to fit your space and needs. Display photos or quickly and easily leave reminders for yourself and others.

· Sturdy aluminum frame with ABS plastic corners, no worry about pointy edges

· Easy installation with fixing kits, can be mounted vertically or horizontally

· Can be used widely in home, office & school for memo, meeting & teaching etc.

· It comes with push pins to use.

· Option: Cork sheet,felt sheet

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