[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Small apartment is a very common type of apartment. For small apartment, designing a cloakroom is not a luxury. Let’s take a look at the design of the small-sized cloakroom with Xiaobian. Let's go:

Small apartment

To make the cloakroom the narrowest, it seems to be the best policy for many small-sized apartments. It is close to the wall-customized log wardrobe . It is simple and generous, large enough and high enough to make the space saturated, and the remaining wall opposite the wardrobe is also very close. Sliding shoe cabinets with walls.


The same is a long and narrow design, this cabinet is more focused on the storage of shoes, three-quarters of the shelf parts are used to display a wide range of shoes. The rest of the walls are not wasted, and the intimate hooks allow the belts and purses to be discharged in an orderly manner.

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