Xueling spruce is a unique species in the Tianshan forest. In the depths of the Tianshan Mountains, it is vigorous and straight, the four seasons are green, the slopes are full and endless, just like a green wall built along the mountain. The wind blows the forest, the sound of the pines, the green waves, and the tide. Snow Ridge Spruce, Evergreen Joe Click here to add a picture to illustrate the wood, the leaves are needle-shaped, slightly curved; the fruit ball is long oval, brown. The snow-capped spruce of the Tianshan Mountains is said to have migrated from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau more than 40 million years ago and has evolved into the most unique and spectacular forest in the northwest.
Xueling spruce is a good wood, light wood and straight texture. It is the main raw material used in construction, furniture and papermaking in Xinjiang.

Xueling spruce forest is distributed in the north and south slopes of the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang, the western Kunlun Mountains, and the western mountains of Junggar. It stretches for 1,800 kilometers from east to west and extends to the Tianshan and Alai Mountains in Kyrgyzstan. It is the most important mountainous area in the desert belt of Central Asia. Green coniferous forest. On the northern slope of the Tianshan Mountains, the Xueling spruce forest is distributed in the middle and low mountains of the suburbs of 1500-2800 meters above sea level, forming a vertical zone of mountain forests that are intermittently stretched for thousands of miles. The forests in the belt are interlaced with mountain meadows, grasslands and shrubs. In the spruce forest of the Tianshan Mountains, in addition to the snowy spruce, there are also Tianshan spruce. Tianshan spruce is a variant of Xueling spruce. The difference between the two is very small. The tender branches of Lingshan spruce are gray, and the branches of Tianshan spruce are light yellow or ginger. They are often mixed in the forest, and most people pay little attention to this. The readers do not need to be carefully identified. The variants are one of the following classification units. It is not wrong to refer to them as snowy spruce.

More than 90% of the forest land in the Tianshan forest area has snowy spruce growth. At the altitude of 1400 ~ 2700 meters in the middle of the mountain with a shady slope, Xueling spruce and peaks continue to ridge, picking things. The lower edge is often mixed with tall broad-leaved forests, lush and colorful, forming beautiful scenery.

The Nalati Mountains on the Ili River are the most lush areas of the snowy spruce. The unique warm and humid climate promotes the rapid growth, high density and high yield of spruce. Here, the snow-covered spruce, the tree is as high as 50-60 meters, and the annual rings are all over 300-400 years. The crown is long and narrow, and the trunk is thick and straight. It is like a giant umbrella that has been gathered up and stacked. More than 1000 cubic meters of wood can be produced per hectare. Such a tall and vast virgin forest is rare in the world and is the essence of the Tianshan forest.

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