The signing ceremony of the 2013 Beijing Green Printing Industry Promotion Business Exchange Conference was held in Beijing-the Home of Workers today. On-site signing ceremony.

Introduction of Ruicheng Hongxin Company
Ruicheng Hongxin is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in high-end printing equipment and equipment. It is committed to new technologies such as decomposition, filtration, purification and recycling of chemical waste generated in the printing field. Discharge, reduce consumption, and finally achieve green printing.
In addition to its own technology development, in order to provide customers with stable and advanced products and services in the entire printing process, the company independently produces advanced printing supporting equipment such as fountain solution purification devices, paper counting separators, and pressure testers.
Ruicheng Hongxin Technology Highlights:
Hanson Clean fountain solution purification device is a green printing equipment specially developed for the pollution and waste of fountain solution in the printing process. It is suitable for various types of commercial printing machines, UV lithography machines and rotary presses. It uses four channels Filter design:
The first filter-filter rough and dirty particles, such as paper powder, powder spray, plate cleaner ink, effectively reduce the printing failure rate.
The second filter-filter out the dirty particles above 30μm.
The third filter-to filter out ultra-fine high μm dirty particles, such as ink color, can ensure that the ink hue, brightness, and saturation are not changed by the fountain solution, effectively maintaining the color reproduction ability of the printing press.
In the fourth pass, the dirt close to the water molecule μm is filtered to realize the recycling of fountain solution, and finally achieve the purposes of green printing, energy saving and emission reduction, and improving printing efficiency.
It is worth mentioning that this purification process is a pure physical process, which effectively reduces the pollution problem. Such energy-saving and environmentally friendly processing equipment can naturally help printing companies to save costs, reduce pollution in daily printing production, and bring benefits to enterprises.

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