2) At the beginning of this century, it will be a crucial period for China to achieve the second-step strategic goal of economic and social development. China’s economic development will maintain rapid growth, and people’s cultural and living standards will further increase. According to the plan, by 2010 China’s gross domestic product will double that of 2000. The "10th Five-Year Plan" is expected to have an average annual economic growth rate of about 7%. The average annual growth rate of books and periodicals is about 10%. The average cycle time for printing books and periodicals will be reduced to 50 days by 2010. China’s current population is 1.25 billion and 260 million young people are in school. With the development of society, economy, science, technology, culture and education, and people’s income and quality of life, the Chinese printing industry will surely have a greater development.
3) The printing industry is not only a high-tech industry, but at the same time, along with the development of the high-quality, multi-category, small-batch, individuation and rapid development of the print market, especially the rapid development of packaging and decoration printing, it is also a labor-intensive process. industry. China is a developing country. The labor force is relatively cheap. At the same time, the printing industry and human resources are abundant. With the advancement of technology and the strengthening of management, the printing quality is continuously improving. It not only has the ability to serve the Chinese print market, but also to face the international market and expand exports. Including processing. In the past decade or so, about 1800 printing companies in Hong Kong and Taiwan have relocated their production and processing bases to the Pearl River Delta and the southeastern coast of China. The business conditions are good. This is an example. Expanding foreign cooperation and attracting foreign investment will become a new growth point for China's printing industry.
2. New demands for the development of China's printing industry technology With the rapid development of electronic media and the Internet, China's printing industry is facing the challenge of electronic media on the one hand, and it is also facing the adoption of high technology and electronic media to promote mutual development and integration. In the past decade or so, the printing technology has grown by leaps and bounds, digitization technology, network technology, integrated automation technology, digitalization and integration of printing processes, and diversification of new processes, equipment and equipment, and printing environmental protection technologies. China Printing and Equipment Equipment Industry and International The advanced level has widened the gap and China's printing industry will face new demands for adopting advanced high-tech printing technology. In order to meet the new needs of the development of China's printing industry, the China Printing and Equipment and Equipment Industry Association, on the basis of organizing investigations, proposed a 28-character guideline for the development of China's printing and equipment equipment industry in the first 10-15 years of this century, namely, "prepress digital , networked, multi-color printing, high efficiency, diversified after printing, automation, high-quality equipment, serialization." This technical progress policy is in line with the development direction of international printing technology and is in line with the actual needs of China's printing technology development, and has achieved wide consensus in the industry. In order to achieve this goal, we are currently studying measures to push China's printing technology to a new level in the new century.
3. Deepen enterprise reform, strengthen corporate restructuring and promote joint and restructuring.
After nearly two decades of development, China's printing equipment and equipment industry has greatly improved its level, but the problem of unreasonable industrial and corporate structure is very prominent. The enterprises are large and complete, small and comprehensive, and the degree of production specialization is very low; The similar products among enterprises, the low level of repetition is very serious, and lack of market competitiveness. Under the new situation of economic globalization, especially with the advent of the information age and the promotion and application of digital technologies, corporate restructuring, alliances, and restructuring are more urgent and prominent. China's printing machinery companies must comply with this international trend. Learn from foreign experience and use the favorable opportunity for deepening reforms of current enterprises to speed up structural adjustment and promote joint and reorganization, including joint ventures and cooperation with foreign companies.
4. Expanding China’s opening to the outside world will further expand the opening up. In particular, as China is about to join the WTO, the Chinese economy will further integrate into the international economy. The printing and equipment equipment industry in China will further expand, strengthen, and deepen the exchanges with the international printing and equipment and equipment industries. Trade and cooperation. The development of China's printing and equipment equipment industry must not only keep track of foreign development, draw on foreign experience, but also proceed from the reality of China's economy and market demand. For example, China mainly prints offsets and gravures in packaging and printing. Flexographic printing, which is widely used abroad, has been slow to develop due to various reasons. China's pre-press electronic equipment and high-grade offset printing presses are far from the advanced foreign technologies and are imported annually. 70% of the large offset press market is imported. In the future, prepress electronic equipment and high-grade offset printing presses and CtP equipment will still Mainly rely on imports to solve domestic demand, but the competition will become increasingly fierce. We hope that foreign advanced printing equipment manufacturers will need to consider long-term strategies, not only to see China's vast market demand, but also to see China's strong foundation in printing equipment manufacturing, and to cooperate with Chinese manufacturing companies to reduce costs and increase competition. It can not only solve the demand for high-end products in the Chinese market, but also expand exports to middle and high-end products in developing countries.
4. China Printing and Equipment Equipment Industry Association The China Printing and Equipment Equipment Industry Association was established in 1985 and has more than 1,200 member units. It is the only one across China that covers printing and equipment equipment and is established according to the principle of system engineering. Cross-industry industrial associations. It consists of three professional committees: book printing, newspaper printing, and packaging and printing; five branches of printing machinery, printing equipment, screen printing, rapid printing, and electronic publishing; and two working committees for printing technology and printing companies. The China Printing and Equipment Equipment Industry Association represents the printing, paper product processing, printing equipment manufacturing and printing equipment manufacturing industries. Its greatest feature is cross-industry, which involves various industries such as machinery, electronics, chemical industry, light industry, and press and publication. In people's traditional concepts, printing, printing equipment manufacturing, printing equipment production belong to different industries, but the China Printing and Equipment and Equipment Industry Association has organized them together. The printing and equipment equipment industry is a big industry. It provides China Printing and Equipment and Equipment Industry Association with a big stage for its activities. (Finish)

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