Choosing a regular company for the New Year's decoration

Order before

About the quantity and time

At the end of the year, in order to complete the sales task and withdraw cash, the major building materials and furniture brands generally give large discounts to certain models to attract consumers to pay. Buying custom-made products such as floors, wardrobes, cabinets often takes a while to get the spot. At the time of purchase, consumers need to choose carefully. Before purchase, they must agree on the specific quantity and delivery time. After receiving the goods, check carefully to avoid mistakes.


Mr. Wu bought the floor from a brand store in mid-November 2014. At the time of purchase, this model was just discounted. Mr. Wu ordered and delivered the deposit at a discounted price. Two months later, the other party still did not deliver the goods, and responded with the reason of “more orders for discount products and backlog of delivery”, which seriously affected the progress of the renovation. Mr. Wu was helpless and the planned renovation project was delayed.


If consumers want to complete the renovation before the year, they must formulate a strict renovation plan, and purchase the main materials and furniture in advance according to the entry time of various building materials. Generally, the floor, sanitary ware and ceiling products are in stock, and the delivery takes 5-10 days. It is best for consumers to set aside spare time to avoid delays after the delay of entering the market; custom furniture and cabinet products need certain production. The cycle, from the drawing to the final completion of the entry takes about 30 to 45 days, because the installation of cabinets or wardrobes is generally in the late stage of construction, consumers can finalize the design when the renovation comes into play.

General merchants will promise to pay a certain amount of money for delays in delivery and installation. When signing a contract, consumers should pay attention to whether the contract has such terms and the latest time for delivery installation is indicated in the contract, if the delivery is installed Delays are unavoidable and some compensation can be obtained.

New Year's decoration

Choose a regular company

When renovating, you should choose a reputable and qualified home improvement company to ensure that the construction period is completed on time and the quality of the project is qualified. If the consumer chooses to decorate the New Year and pay the construction money in advance, he should choose the honest home improvement enterprise. After the time interval of the Spring Festival holiday, some home improvement companies will encounter the situation of operating the owner, relocating the store or even closing the business, causing unnecessary losses to consumers.


According to the Shandong Consumers Association, at the end of 2013, Mr. Yang signed a renovation contract with a decoration company and paid a prepayment of 18,000 yuan, which was agreed to be completed in two months. However, the decoration company did not fully implement the agreement, and the renovation work was only half completed. Mr. Yang repeatedly urged him to find someone later. After investigation by the industry and commerce department, it was found that the company was not registered and the operator could not find it.


When decorating a house, consumers must strictly review the qualifications of the decoration company, carefully check whether the procedures of the decoration company are complete, and look at their business license and qualification certificate, and must not entrust the construction of a so-called decoration company without qualification. When signing a contract with a home improvement company, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the contract model is the "Personal House Decoration" issued by the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce, and carefully review the description of the construction plan, construction period, supervision and acceptance procedures, and the materials provided by both parties. Schedules and dates, etc., should also stipulate the warranty period and the proportion of compensation for liquidated damages. If there are changes in the middle of the construction period, such as adding projects and changes in the main materials, the contract should be re-signed or a supplementary agreement signed. The supplementary contract has the same legal effect as the main text and can protect the rights and interests of consumers. If the renovation period has to be a new year, consumers should prepare the main materials before the Spring Festival to avoid product price increases in the coming year.

Buying furniture

Don't be greedy for cheap samples

At the end of the year, many merchants will be eager to process samples and sell them for sale. Industry experts remind consumers that sample furniture has an advantage in price, but it requires extra careful inspection when purchasing, careful selection, some sample furniture is still inevitable in quality; in addition, beware of some businesses to sample Delivery of normal goods to the door, affecting the shopping experience.


Ms. Li bought a set of sofas of a famous furniture brand in the mall. After the goods were delivered to the door, Ms. Li found that some small details on the sofa were the same as the samples in the exhibition hall. After the comparison, the store sales staff admitted that the mistake was made. Ms. Li said that she did not know whether the business was a delivery error due to mistakes or deliberately delivered the samples as a new product, which was very angry with the trouble caused.


When receiving goods, consumers should carefully check whether the goods have traces of use, such as scratches on the surface, whether the packaging is complete, and whether there are traces of manual use. In addition, you can also pay attention to some characteristics of the sample goods in the store, compare with the items delivered to the door, to avoid the old charge. If the merchant sells the sample as a new item without notice, the consumer has the right to request the merchant to return the goods and ask for compensation for the wrong time.

Some samples are sold at a very low price and look cheap, but that doesn't mean benefits. When purchasing samples, the merchant should truthfully inform the consumer of the defects and defects of the sample, otherwise the consumer has the right to return. However, if there is a quality problem with the sample furniture, the merchant should be required to carry out the corresponding repair, replacement and return processing according to the severity of the problem and in accordance with the corresponding provisions of the “Three Guarantees” of the furniture product.

â–  Consumer reminder

● Receiving goods after the year to avoid "no goods"

Buying building materials or furniture before the year, agreed to deliver or install after the year, consumers need to keep in mind the model, material, color, quantity and price of the ordered product, which are marked and saved in the contract, so as to avoid the goods being rejected when the goods are received after the year. ". When receiving the goods, check whether the products are in the same batch, avoiding the color and size inconsistency; it is best to take a sample plate when ordering, as the certificate at the time of inspection.

● Samples need to be processed before they can be used

For panel furniture, the furniture samples placed in the mall are ventilated for a period of time, and all harmful substances cannot be volatilized. The formaldehyde volatilization time in materials such as MDF and large core board is even more than 10 years. Fabric furniture such as fabric sofas, beds and other products, due to the experience of the purchaser, there may be problems such as obvious traces of use, collapse, unsanitary, etc. The dust and bacteria accumulated during the display process need to be processed before they can be used.

● Completed the paid project years ago

The decoration of the general home improvement company is paid in installments. The initial and medium-term projects pay about 90% of the total amount. It is recommended that the consumer complete the payment of the project before the year. In addition, the purchase of the main material should not be easily entrusted to the construction staff or designers and other individuals.

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