Because there is no uniform standard in the industry, and the technological development routes of various manufacturers are also different, so the cloud storage concept has more ambiguities and ambiguities than cloud computing. Combining the development background of cloud storage technology and the technical direction of mainstream manufacturers, the following definition can be drawn: cloud storage does not refer to a specific device, but refers to a collection of many storage devices and servers. When users use cloud storage, they do not use a certain storage device, but a data access service brought by the entire cloud storage system. The core of cloud storage is the combination of application software and storage devices, and the transformation of storage devices to storage services through application software.

Features of cloud storage system

The cloud storage system should have the following general characteristics:

(1) High scalability: The cloud storage system can support massive data processing, and resources can be expanded on demand;

(2) Low cost: The cloud storage system should have the characteristics of high cost performance, low cost is reflected in two aspects, lower construction cost and lower operation and maintenance cost;

(3) No access restrictions: Compared with traditional storage, cloud storage emphasizes flexible support for user storage, and storage resources in the service domain can be accessed anywhere and at any time.

(4) Ease of management: A small number of administrators can handle thousands of nodes and PB-level storage, and more efficiently support the rapid deployment of storage resources for a large number of upper-layer applications.

Cloud storage classification

On the storage resource acquisition interface, there is no difference in function between cloud storage and traditional storage. The difference between the two is that cloud storage can provide manageable, highly scalable, and cost-effective storage resources on demand. According to different types of stored data and different application requirements, cloud storage systems can be divided into the following 4 types:

(1) Cloud storage system that provides block storage;

(2) Cloud storage system that provides file storage.

(3) Cloud storage system that provides object storage.

(4) Cloud storage system that provides table storage.

Cloud storage system characteristics and classification

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