CTP mainly has 4 family members, namely, CTPlate, CTPress, CTProof and CTPaper / Print, which can be divided into two categories in nature, namely CTPlate and CTPress directly imaged on the printing plate and CTProof directly imaged on the substrate And CTPaper / Print.

The first type of technology is characterized by directly converting the digital page (Digital Page) in the computer system into a printing plate, and then transferring the graphic information on the printing plate to the substrate through a traditional pressure process to form the final product (printed product) In this process, the printing plate becomes an intermediary medium connecting the digital page and the printed matter; the latter type of technology is characterized by directly converting the digital page in the computing system into a color hard copy (sample, printed matter), and no longer uses any of the printing plate Intermediary.

From another point of view, the direct imaging technology on the printing plate represented by CTPlate and CTPress belongs to the traditional form of printing plate, and the printing method relying on pressure is an inevitable extension of the digital development of printing and replication technology. This printing technology can still be perfectly interpreted from the traditional definition of printing. Plate, pressure and replication are inevitable three keywords. However, the direct imaging technology represented by CTProof and CTPaper / Print on the substrate no longer uses the traditional form of printing plate or does not use the printing plate at all. It belongs to the category of plateless printing, and the final image The formation does not rely on the effect of pressure, which belongs to the non-pressure printing technology (NIPNon-impact Printing).

Obviously, printing plate, pressure and reproduction are no longer the keywords of this printing method. Of course, this printing technology cannot be fully explained from the traditional definition of printing. But this does not mean that it is necessary to discuss whether digital printing is a form of printing.

In fact, this kind of discussion does not make much sense, because no matter from which point of view, the output of the digital printing press is the same as the printed matter in the traditional sense. In this sense, perhaps it is time to consider amending the definition of printing itself. Due to the use of printing plates, CTPlate and CTPress are still a printing technology aimed at the needs of the public, relying on the same image on the faithful and large number of repeated printing plates to obtain the price advantage. However, CTProof and CTPaper / Print are not. It is a printing technology tailored to individual needs. It realizes high value-added products by its fast, personalized and diverse characteristics.

Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric is widely used to make medical curtain, surgical mask, garment lining cloth, instrument and instrument advanced cloth, towel, cosmetic cotton, mask covering material, etc. Its advantages includes:
1. Environmental protection, biodegradable;
2. Dust-free, no fiber shedding in use to ensure the quality of wiping;
3. The fiber net is uniform and has excellent vertical and horizontal tension;
4. The material is soft and will not scratch or damage the surface of the cleaning objects;
5. Super absorbent capacity, four times faster than ordinary cotton cloth;

6. Remove water stains and oil stains efficiently.

Product Features

1.Close appearance to the textile

2.High strength,Low Lint

3.High hygroscopicity,quick moisture absorption

4.Good air permeability

5.Soft hand feel,good drapability

6.Washing Durability

7. Chemical Free

8. Eco-friendly

Mesh Spunlace

With advanced Spunlace equipment and high quality fibre material, the mesh spunlace have several features: uniformity web, handle embonpoint, mesh clarity and high mightiness. Mesh spunlaces have several types as the number of mesh in one square centimeter: 9 meshes, 10meshes, 12 meshes, 18 meshes, 22 meshes, 26 meshes. And the mesh also have several types: round, square, rhombus and so on.

Mesh Spunlace

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