December is a long-awaited month, Christmas and the end of the year, carnival and so on. In the last month of 2014, many new films have been released, and all the filmmakers are beautiful, such as "Tai Ping Wheel" Song Hye Kyo, "Huang Feihong" angelbaby, "Hurry", Ni Ni and "My Morning "Girlfriend" Zhou Xun is absolutely able to make you feast your eyes, so many women who are the most beautiful gods in your heart? Let's take a look at the beauty tips of these stars!

"Tai Ping Wheel" Song Hye Kyo

"Tai Ping Wheel" Song Hye Kyo

The war disaster series "Tai Ping Wheel" was released on December 2nd. Song Hye Kyo played the rich and powerful "Zhou Yunfen" elegant and noble, and the women's infatuation and graceful performance were vividly displayed. The meager makeup sets off a delicate face, and the firm and flawless skin looks younger. This is like a woman married to a woman. It is clearly a girl in the word. Just for this role, I have to add a box office to the "Tai Ping Wheel."

Song Hye Kyo beauty skin care tips

Song Hye Kyo has a well-maintained, and the child's facial muscles can easily and easily control various roles. When asked about the secrets of childishness, she bluntly said, “I want to maintain good skin and hydration is very important. I drink a lot of water every day. This is good for detoxification. In addition, I apply a moisturizing mask 2 to 3 times a week before going to sleep, so that the skin will not dry and the skin will not be prone to aging."


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