The "Tenth Five-Year Plan" major science and technology project in Anhui Province - the demonstration project of manufacturing informationization "introduction and application of the gravure plate printing industry information integration system" was approved by the experts organized by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology a few days ago. This is the first batch of projects approved by Anhui in the same batch of projects. It is also the country's first information integration system for the gravure platemaking industry.
It is understood that this system aims at the industry characteristics of the design and manufacture of orders and short lead times in the gravure platemaking industry, and aims to respond to the needs of the agile market. It has developed and implemented a set of CAD, CAM, OA, financial management and production management systems. As an integrated system, it fully meets the business needs of the industry, achieves the expected technical and economic indicators, shortens the production cycle and delivery time, improves the product qualification rate, reduces inventory and management costs, and achieves significant economic benefits. With characteristics and innovation, the overall project is at the leading level in the domestic industry. The successful development of the system will provide a good demonstration and reference for the implementation of information technology for SMEs and improve the informatization level and core competitiveness of the gravure printing industry.

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