As the secretary general of Jiangsu Provincial Liquor Professional Association, Liu Jianhua has fulfilled his duties to promote the rapid development of Su Liquor, and actively used the association's platform to guide the communication between enterprises. Apart from her work, she also has a great interest in the collection of wine bottles and is a member of the Jiangsu Wine Collectors Association. This interest stems from the fact that she has seen problems in the inner packaging of liquor. Therefore, she carefully studied the inner packaging of liquor during the weekday collection work. Some of her remarks on the inner packaging of liquor have also produced poles in the industry. Big repercussions. “The properties of liquor products are made up of liquid wine and vessels that contain wine. Therefore, the development history of Chinese wine is also a history of the development of wine packaging. It can be said that wine bottles are an essential carrier for liquor circulation. With economic development, liquor packaging has also evolved from a single bottle packaging (inner packaging) into a variety of composite packaging formats such as wine bottles and wine boxes (outer packaging). Historically, wine packaging containers have experienced stone tools, Gold, silver, copper, iron, pottery, porcelain, glass, bamboo, wood, plastics, and leather goods are the supplements for various stages of the packaging. The regional characteristics are obvious. In form, it can be summarized as altars, cans, pots, and bottles.” Liu Jianhua, who has had many years of wine bottles, has his own unique insights into the development of liquor's inner packaging.

According to Liu Jianhua, 16 of the 17 wines that were judged at the 5th wine tasting session in 1989 were glass bottles. Only Shuangou Daqu was a porcelain bottle and a glass bottle. Maotai, Langjiu and Wuling were milky white glass bottles. Yanghe Daqu is a blue glass bottle, the rest are ordinary glass bottles, the form of a single color.

Today, liquor has a wide variety of inner packaging materials, a variety of colors, and a variety of shapes. Culture is also far-reaching and far-reaching. “From a certain perspective, liquor packaging reflects the characteristics of a country and a nation, and is an image carrier and epitome of its history, politics, culture, and ethnic style,” said Liu Jianhua, an informant.

In Liu Jianhua's view, people's research and attention on liquor packaging has prompted the rapid development of liquor's inner packaging, but the existing problems deserve attention.

“The first is that packaging has an impact on the quality of the product. For example, some liquor products change color over time. This may be due to the discoloration of the bottle material and traces of nitrogen compounds in tannins and white wines in cork stopper caps. Black precipitates are formed as a result of the reaction. In addition, the volatilization, aversion of taste, missing wine, and irregular labeling of the wine will affect the quality of the product,” said Liu Jianhua.

In the analysis of the impact on consumer quality, Liu Jianhua summed up three points: First, it cannot be opened; second, it is insecure; and third, it is uncomfortable.

"The quality of the company's capping machine, the opening of the lid, and the fact that the opening key is too short or too soft, that the inner stopper cannot be removed, etc., are the reasons why the bottle cannot be opened or not properly opened," said Liu Jianhua. The problem of inner plug is more common, both glass bottles and ceramic bottles have this problem, in order to solve the problem of wine leaking from the bottle mouth, the length of the inner plug of many liquor product designs is longer, which makes it difficult to open. The cover length is too narrow, and some are only 1.5mm, which cannot be taken out.” Liu Jianhua can carefully trace the small problems encountered in the liquor consumption process.

As for the unsafe and uncomfortable problems of wine bottles, Liu Jianhua said: “The insecurity of wine bottles is reflected in bottle mouth damage, rowers, and unreasonable design of metal fasteners, etc.; uncomfortable, it is visual (rough, uncoordinated). ) and tactile discomfort. Judging from the current beverage bottles and various life bottles, the circumference of the bottle body is mostly 23-25 ​​cm, and the diameter is about 6 cm. This size is easy to grasp. Of course, this is not absolute but Universality. Many companies are designing the use of a bottle with a large diameter or girth, using a concave or concave surface for easy gripping or leaving a reasonable grip on the bottle body, which is also effective.”

"I hope that when designing product packaging, enterprises should pay attention to internal packaging security while taking into account safety, pay attention to modeling while taking into account reasonable and convenient, pay attention to culture at the same time taking into account the harmony and unity, pay attention to the overall while taking into account the details. In addition, the frugality of the packaging, applicable In terms of sexuality and multiple applicability, companies must also make efforts to study, said Liu Jianhua.

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