Now married after 80, maybe not as much rules as before. After all, this generation is concerned about personality fashion, hating all the cumbersome things, but some taboos, but they have to come up to wake up.

Five wedding feng shui taboos in newlyweds

1. It is not advisable to put flowers, plants, fish tanks, etc. in the bedroom of the wedding room.

Five wedding feng shui taboos in newlyweds

Old people have said that things like flowers, plants, fish tanks, such as "water" are too good to be placed in the bedroom. If placed in the bedroom, it is easy to ruin the love of the young couple. You don't want to, this is just a new marriage, where the passion has burned out, or be careful.

2. The mirror in the bedroom of the wedding room cannot be placed on the bed.

Five wedding feng shui taboos in newlyweds

This taboo is believed by many people, but do you know why? The answer is that people who get up in the morning are usually ugly. Maybe after the wife next to you unloads the clothes, when you wake up, you will not be as much as the face of Miss Xunzi. Hey, for your safety with him, the mirror is still a little farther away, and it’s not good to be frightened by dear.

3. Wedding room decoration should be "marriage room paint"

Five wedding feng shui taboos in newlyweds

It is not easy to marry a wife now, so I have to spend about 100,000. Everything is ready, only owe the east wind, this wedding room decoration is that the door is a sloppy. The choice of paint is especially important, otherwise the whole indoor air pollution, small harm to health, large incurable disease, will also harm the next generation, remind you to be cautious and cautious. However, some manufacturers have now introduced the "Wedding Room Paint" which is quite suitable for the renovation of new homes.

4. Wedding room layout color taboo

Five wedding feng shui taboos in newlyweds

Although it is a wedding room, the color should not be blindly pursued, and the big red should be used as little as possible. It should be based on soft colors and simple layout. Red is very passionate, but the young couple are living, too bright colors are easy to feel tired, and how to rest well?

5. Do not pile up debris under the bed in the wedding room bedroom

Under the bed in the bedroom, taboos are piled up. The underside of the bed is often in a dark place where it is not breathable. It is easy to get wet with mildew or bacteria. In addition, it is difficult to clean up, which causes a sanitary corner. The little wife is also troublesome when cleaning. And from the gas field, the accumulation of debris under the bed, easy to affect the individual gas field, will have nightmares, poor sleep quality.

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