TD010-NH3-A fixed ammonia alarm specification parameters? Gas measured? Gas?Detected ammonia (NH3) detection principle? Detection?principle Electrochemical principle installation method? Sampling? Method Wall-mounted, pipeline, circulation? (Related to the monitoring environment) Quantity? ??? Measure? Range? 0-100ppm points? Resolution? Resolution 0.01ppm? Precision degree?? Precision 2% FS?


These bags are made from 100% RPET which is produced from recycled plastic bottles. And some one is made from recycled cotton which is produced from recycled cotton yarns. And these bags which are made from the materials are certified by OEKO-TEX or GOTs.

So they are non-toxic, eco-friendly, 100% sustainable, ethically and fair trade produced.These reusable bags are an easy alternative for single using plastic bags in our daily life.

RPET Bag,Recycled Material Bag,Recycled cotton Bag,Organic Cotton Bag

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