After a certain share of the market for plastic edible oil bottles occupied the market, glass edible oil bottle packaging began to return to vision. In the high-end and small-capacity edible oil markets, glass edible oil bottles have become the manufacturer's first choice. The glass edible oil bottle is more upscale than the plastic edible oil bottle in appearance.

At present, with the development of the market for many years, more and more varieties of edible oil, more and more types. For olive oil and other products in order to distinguish between ordinary edible oil and packaging, the use of small glass edible oil bottle packaging, obviously more in line with the requirements. And compared to plastic materials, the stability of glass material packaging is more affirmed and welcomed by the market. The market for glass edible oil bottle packaging is increasingly recognized.

For glass edible oil bottle companies, the biggest difficulty lies in how to enter the market with more common edible oil bottle packaging capacity. Because large-capacity glass bottles are not conducive to handling when they are used to package edible oils, they are also extremely costly. At present, it is not easy to find a good solution.

How to solve the problem of large-capacity packaging and at the same time securely develop the high-end edible oil bottle packaging market is worth considering for glass bottle manufacturers.


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