Fitmaster elliptical machine okay this elliptical machine in front of its performance has been introduced, today we are here to introduce this elliptical machine in the end is good, where is it, and why it is good, let everyone know when there is a choice reference. Fitmaster elliptical machine is considered to be a very cost-effective elliptical machine brand, the price between 800-900 yuan, in the Lynx elliptical machine brand sales in the top three. Let's take a look at the functional configuration of this elliptical machine:

1, large-size LCD LCD display, let you always understand my exercise time, distance, speed, heart rate, calories and other values. Specific display contents: 1. Time TMR (00:00-99:59 minutes: second)—Displays elapsed ride time or target remaining time; 2. Speed ​​SPD (0.0-999.9 kilometers/hour)—Displays current speed; 3 , Distance DIST (0.00 - 99.99 km) - Shows the distance you have been riding or the remaining distance to the target; 4, Calorie CAL (0.0-999.9 kcal) - shows the energy consumed by the current exercise; 5, the total mileage of ODO (0-99.99 Km)—Displays the total distance traveled from battery power; 6. Heart rate PUL (40-240 beats/minute) Displays the current heartbeat value, unit: times/minute; Key Description: a, MODE—Mode keys, select Select and To check a certain function, press and hold for 3-4 seconds, the electronic meter is reset (the total mileage cannot be cleared); b, RESET—Reset/Clear key, reset/clear the current data (effective in non-scanning state, for the total distance Invalid); Note: This table uses two "AA" or one "AAA" battery. When replacing the battery, please replace it at the same time.

2. The magnetic control system of permanent magnet resistance structure, strong magnet can produce strong resistance, bring high-resistance resistance riding experience, safe and environment-friendly without noise, in a quiet silent cycling environment, make the movement more dripping.

3, 8 stalls resistance adjustment real simulation "full road simulation system", you can control the exercise intensity, you can adjust the size of the exercise intensity at any time, 1-2 files quickly downhill, regulate metabolism to promote nutrient absorption; 3 -4 gears in the wind, purifying blood vessels to regulate blood pressure; 5-6 gears for accelerated cycling, reduced fat and slimming to improve body shape; 7-8 gears to challenge the peaks and strengthen organ function to enhance cardiac power;

4, skin foam material handle, non-slip, sweat absorption, skin-friendly, hands heart rate monitoring, but also to ensure that you and I at any time in the movement to understand their heart rate, so that the movement is more secure.

5, increase widening comfort cushion (length 39cm width 28cm thickness 4.5cm) ergonomic design, cushion height of about 43cm is equivalent to the height of the computer chair, allowing you to feel more comfortable during exercise;

6. This product adopts an adjustable seat design. When the slide rail is adjusted to the maximum gear position, the body length is 120cm. When the slide rail is adjusted to the minimum gear position, the body length is 93cm. The slide rail can be adjusted at most to facilitate storage and storage. The body length is 89cm, height range 1.3 - 1.9m can be used;

7, cushion length 33.5cm, width 29cm, thickness 4.5cm, high-quality PU leather and memory foam cushions, immediately have an unparalleled sports experience;

8, the ankle is made of high-quality rubber material, non-slip, and is equipped with a safety foot cover design, which can prevent the foot from slipping and causing injury during sports;

9. This product has a built-in scroll wheel and is made of ABS engineering plastic to facilitate indoor movement.

How is the fitmaster elliptical machine?


Reference user rating: The fitmaster elliptical machine is of American quality. We know that the U.S. study on treadmills and elliptical machines is several years earlier than China. High-end elliptical machine brands such as Zar and Haoyu are all American, and the quality of the courseware fitmaster elliptical machine is also very good.

I personally experience and feel: The elliptical machine is good, beautiful atmosphere, and the resistance is also good. The 8th gear is suitable for family size use. Low noise. Value for money.

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