Recently, Hewlett-Packard introduced eight color printing technology and the latest resolution enhancement technology - "Folitu" Pro color layering technology.
The breakthrough of the eight-color ink technology is to increase the neutral gray, forming eight-color printing of magenta, light magenta, cyan, light clear, yellow, dark gray, light gray and black. The increase of dark gray and light gray inks makes the color gamut more extensive, including the increase in the number of dark shades, increasing the accuracy of color expression, enhancing the details of the shadows, the subtle particles, the performance of metallic elements, skin color, and clouds in the sky. When you wait for images, you can also ensure the quality of lifelike photos.
With the addition of new gray ink, the printing system can produce a variety of ink combinations. The combination of new grayscale photo-specific inks and color inks allows the printing system to produce a wider range of deep color gamuts, while producing fewer image particles than toners used on other printing systems. And it is possible to obtain a color with no graininess by mixing the neutral gray transitional ink. HP's Neutral Grey and Photo Black inks are synthesized with special pigments to achieve pure color and provide a wide range of gray chromatograms - from white to light gray, medium gray, dark gray tone, until Dark black for photos, which provides a perfect solution for black and white photo printing.
Futura Pro Color Layering Technology combines advanced HP inkjet printing technology with eight-color printing, precise dot discharge, ultra-small droplets, and an intelligent distribution of all combinations of ink layers that the printer can print. The unique halftoning algorithm and advanced color imaging technology, thus making the print a wider range of colors, including real neutral gray and rich photo black, suitable for printing from professional color images to black and white photos. It not only enables HP's unique black pigment inks to print black-and-white text with laser-quality output, but it is also suitable for printing professional-quality images using the newly developed HP Photo Ink.

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