The girls who are the most afraid of the pair should be the eye makeup link. It’s hard to carefully draw the eye makeup, and when they look up, they can’t see it, and they are depressed. Today, I will teach you the eye makeup skills for the inner double MM. It only takes 4 steps to make you magically become a big eye girl.

Step1: Stick double eyelid stickers

Inside double MM eye makeup skills Magical big eyes girl

First, use an eyeliner to stain the black eyeliner and draw the inner eyeliner along the root of the eyelashes. Then cut the double eyelid patch into a thin one, the length is about 0.5 cm shorter than the length of the eye, along the lower edge of the double eyelid pleat line, the centering is OK.

Tips: To adjust the length of double eyelid stickers for individual eye types, the width varies from person to person. Should be shorter than the front and the end of each eye 0.5CM, open your eyes to check whether the patch is exposed and then trimmed.

Step2: Stunning eye socket

Inside double MM eye makeup skills Magical big eyes girl

Use a light cocoa eye shadow to smudge the eye socket, about 2/1 of the entire eyelid.

Tips: The color of the eye shadow can choose the color of the earth, such as coffee, beige, etc., using the change of depth and darkness to create a contrast between dark and dark, to expand the range of the double eyelids, the eyes can become bigger.

Step3: Draw an eyeliner

Inside double MM eye makeup skills Magical big eyes girl

Then use a black eyeliner with an eyeliner and draw a thin black eyeliner from the end of the eyelashes along the root of the eyelashes. Remember that the lines are not too thick. Then use the brown eye shadow along the lower eyeliner to smudge the eye to the eye.

Step4: Stick false eyelashes

Inside double MM eye makeup skills Magical big eyes girl

First use the eyelash curler to clip the curl of the eyelashes upwards, which is convenient for the false eyelashes. Using the hardness of the false eyelashes, the eyelids can be held up to make the double eyelids more visible. Finally, the eyelashes are brushed in a zigzag shape, and the true and false eyelashes are combined to make the eyelashes more durable.

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