Introduction: The rise of the packaging industry also requires innovative talents. Recently, Japan's mineral water made an interesting design, turning the newspaper into a packaging for beverage bottles. In the final month, each retail supermarket sold an average of 3,000 bottles of NewsBottle mineral water.

In the midst of the downturn in paper media, the increasing strength of new media, and the rise of the media, Japan’s newspaper industry once again made some small and good-faith changes, combining newspapers and mineral water to make more young people. , Pay attention to the habit of reading newspapers. It is worth noting that the creativity triggered by this incident has subsequently led to different implementations. It cannot be said that the Japanese people's creativity and professionalism are worth recommending.

Actually, the reason why you can’t walk is that the vision is always not long-term. The road always looks forward. Some good ideas are not appreciated and recognized by the boss. Maybe it’s a ridiculous move right now. It’s actually very likely to bring about considerable profit! In fact, there are many people who have good ideas, but they often die in the middle of the road. It is also something that many packaging companies often lament! If packaging companies combine with the media and play tricks, they may not be worse than Japan's beverage bottles, and the outcome is likely to be even more colorful!

Turn newspapers into packaging for beverage bottles, so that there is an additional channel for young people to read newspapers. Moreover, during the execution of their activities, they also deliberately reduced the pricing of bottled water so that every consumer can burden.

One of the unexpected gains was that newspapers were used as packaging. The design of forcing was not only not reduced, but also the recognition on the shelves. In order to ensure the readability and update of news, Japan Daily News launched a total of 31 models in one month. package! This is the result of the cooperation. The news media and mineral water manufacturers have achieved very good results! Isn't it? What are the packaging companies waiting for?

At the same time, the QR code is also printed on the bottle. Consumers can scan the QR code and read the latest news on the mobile phone. This is not to say that it is to save the paper media. It is more to say that they care about the news of the political affairs of the young people. wake. In the final month, each retail supermarket sold an average of 3,000 bottles of NewsBottle mineral water. This approach not only highlights the value of drinking products, but also highlights the news value of the product.

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