The effect of traditional media marketing is weakening and gradually entering the marginal crisis
With the development of the mobile Internet and the rise of new media, the effect of traditional media has become weaker. In fact, the reason is very simple. People use WeChat and Weibo to pay attention to several WeChat public accounts every day. Through a wide range of information channels such as mobile news clients, they can collect almost all the hot news and hot spots on the day. Therefore, furniture companies need to pay attention to the business opportunities of new media.
Furniture companies in the new environment should not blindly "burn money"
The future marketing battlefield will be a battle for users. In a society where people entertain and interact with the whole people, customers are nurtured among users. If furniture companies want to get good marketing promotion, they must attract traffic, that is, users. After having a large number of users, you can further dig deeper. The role of the Burning Money War is to be able to quickly pull new ones, and under the subsidy strategy, encourage users to purchase products multiple times to develop user habits. In this way, enterprises must make great efforts to promote and build their own exclusive platform, and then have to work hard to maintain and maintain the user's stickiness. In short, it is a process of “burning money”.
New media marketing furniture companies want to "play" and "play"
As the competition in the furniture market intensifies, the money-burning war will continue to grow along with the continuous growth of the mobile network. The battle behind the money-burning battle is the rising cost of players and the industry, which makes users and enterprises fall into a contradiction. The vicious circle, in order to obtain users constantly "burning money", but the cost pass-through makes consumers more difficult to obtain.
In short, under the new media marketing "doors in the city", furniture companies should understand the difference between "play" and "play", do not fall into the vicious circle of blindly "burning money", otherwise the bitter fruit of the need to bear the burden.

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