Leng Hui, 5 years old began to enter the mountains, loves climbing adventures, has more than 10 years of donkey experience, is a professional outdoor development trainer, CCTV travel channel special guests, "China National Geographic" field project support, but also the university field survival Classroom instructor. Whether it is hot or cold, or winter cold, he has a very rich experience. When it's cold winter, if you still can't help but want to go outdoors, you can learn how to keep warm.

Outdoor travel must comply with dressing rules

When walking in winter, climbing mountains or skiing, will you be warm and not afraid of cold? In fact, if you cannot dress properly, it can easily lead to “lose-temperature phenomenon” in the body. The light person will play the cold war, and the severe person will tremble. Serious discomfort can also lead to life-threatening.

The phenomenon of loss of temperature is mainly due to prolonged exposure to cold conditions. After the body loses too much heat, the body temperature gradually decreases and the physiological function weakens. Leng Hui said that losing temperature is not only because you wear less, but also because it is too long to stay in cold weather. If your underwear is sweat-absorbent and your outerwear is not breathable, resulting in dehydration, you will lose warmth. Therefore, he suggested that everyone must dress reasonably when traveling outdoors to keep warm and warm.

Usually on the journey, whether it is hiking, mountaineering, or skiing, you need to use the "layered dressing method." Laminated clothing, in layman's terms, wears clothes layer by layer, but it is not simply to stack clothes. The more layers, the better. Leng Hui told everyone that in general, three layers can keep warm.

The first layer needs to wear intimate sweat underwear, underwear and socks, can absorb sweat, to prevent loss of body moisture, maintain body temperature; the middle layer is a warm layer, can be wrapped around the body of clothing or vest, but to choose the right material; the outer one Layers, hard pants, the main from the wind waterproof, warm, breathable, wear-resistant effect.

The key to choosing the right dress

Traveling outdoors in winter, you can't simply choose a thicker, warmer clothing to wear, and Leng Hui said that you should also choose effective clothing according to different environments such as mountains and snow.

Under normal circumstances, the main role of underwear is perspiration, breathable and warm, but in the winter is mainly perspiration and warmth. When choosing underwear, most people think that cotton, wool, silk and other natural textile materials have good perspiration effect. In actual fact, cotton absorbs water quickly but is slow in drying. Wool has poor water absorption and low personal comfort. Silk is not suitable for outdoor sports. wear.

Therefore, in the selection of underwear, the best choice of cotton, wool, wool blended fabrics, or shaped polyester fiber as the main raw material, such as the United States Coolmax, South Korea's Coolever, China Taiwan's Coolplus, which are all artificial Made of warm fiber material, the effect of perspiration and warmth is better.

In addition to the choice of underwear, the warm layer should choose clothing with fleece material, a type called "hair monkey fleece", or fleece clothing with WINDSTOPPER professional windproof fabric. Of course, down vests with good warming effect are also available. In the outer jacket of the outer jacket, Leng Hui recommends the outerwear of the GORE-TEX Calisto fabric, which is not only waterproof, breathable, but also has a good thermal effect. In addition, the outerwear can also choose high waterproof down jacket with high waterproof coefficient. Trousers are to choose the inner layer is fleece, the outer layer is waterproof material, also can choose Calisto fabric double Trousers. As for walking and skiing in the snow in the winter, you can choose to use avatars or full-body garments, and wear the latter to keep warm.

The best choice for walking shoes is to use high-heeled ankles, large-grain soles, large-soled uppers, and GORE-TEX shoes. In the snow, you must choose a waterproof fabric snow cover and an anti-fur and non-slip rubber bottom shoe. Socks are best selected for Coolmax socks, wool socks can also be, but in principle the requirements are high waist socks, both to protect the ankle, but also can play a very good thermal effect.

80% of the human body's heat is emitted from the head, so choose a top fleece, ear protection, waterproof windshield hat, but also can well protect the body's heat is not lost. Full finger gloves and finger gloves are selected based on your activity.

Warm equipment can be used in emergency situations

In addition to his own wearing warmth, Leng Hui also recommended emergency warming equipment in two types of emergency situations. One is the SPACE space metal emergency blanket, and the other is the Grabber warmer.

This kind of SPACE emergency blanket from the United States is a by-product of the development of aerospace super insulation materials. It is made of precision polyester material and the highest purity vacuum aluminum deposit, which is both strong and wear-resistant.

The SPACE emergency blanket is packaged in the size of a cigarette box, but when fully deployed, it is 214 cm long and 142 cm wide. It provides the most basic protection for the human body, especially below zero degrees Celsius, and can maintain more than 80% of the body's radiant heat. Allows outdoor sportsmen to receive emergency treatment in the event of sudden temperature loss in cold weather.

Another Grabber Warmer includes warm hands, warm feet and warm-ups. However, these warm stickers are different from the “warm stickers” in daily life. They not only provide 8-10 hours of warm protection, are portable and long-lasting, but also can function normally in closed low-grade environments such as underwear or shoes. . It has a very good effect on colds, joint pain, dryness, and poor muscle or blood circulation.

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