With the development of society and the improvement of the level of material civilization, people’s packaging concepts are changing. Packaging has become more and more important in daily life. From the past, no packaging, rough packaging to the exquisite packaging today, society is moving forward. Progress; At the same time, however, a large amount of packaging waste has caused a drastic increase in the number of used products, putting tremendous pressure on the environment. At the present stage, a considerable part of the product packaging has exceeded the original intention of the packaging concept, resulting in a de facto over-packaging, which not only makes consumers feel fooled, but also more serious is the waste of resources and environmental pollution. According to statistics, environmental pollution caused by packaging is second only to water pollution, marine lake pollution and air pollution. Therefore, it is particularly important for the development of packaging to provide mankind with excellent services and a better living space. A great deal of research and practice prove that simple packaging and green packaging are the inevitable ways.
First, the packaging changes and development The definition of package refers to the overall name of the container, material and auxiliary used to protect the product, facilitate storage and transportation, promote sales, and adopt a certain technical method in the process of circulation; The general term for the operational activities such as the application of certain technical methods to the containers, materials, and aids. This modern commodity packaging concept reflects the commodity, instrumentality and social activity of commodity packaging. Commodity packaging is a special commodity produced by society. It has its own value and use value. At the same time, it is an important means to realize the value and use value of interior goods. Therefore, it has received more and more attention from all walks of life in modern society.
2. Changes in packaging In the history of human society, packaging has gone through three stages: the initial stage - basically there is no much packaging concept, at this time the packaging is completely instinct in the use of requirements, is a rough simple packaging; intermediate stage —— People’s awareness of packaging advancement, knowing that higher value of goods can be obtained through packaging, so the packaging industry is strongly rejuvenated; the advanced stage – packaging awareness is maximized and applied at this stage, and the packaging industry is at this stage as a new The emergence and rapid development of the industry In the history of the development of the entire human society, packaging has always been closely linked with the development of commodity circulation. The extent of commodity packaging can basically represent the level of development of the productive forces. In the modern society, due to the highly developed science and technology, the packaging industry has been greatly developed as a new industry; however, people have found that the earth upon which we live depends on huge numbers of people who have escaped material difficulties and entered modern comfortable lives. Pollution, a large part of which is to enter the highly material and civilized society for the pursuit of a high degree of sensory and enjoyment of excessive packaged waste of goods packaging.
Excessive packaging refers to excessive investment in the packaging of products driven by temporary economic interests, resulting in excessive packaging of products. Its manifestations are as follows: too many layers, improper materials, improperly designed structures, excessive surface decoration, excessive packaging functions, high packaging costs, packaging with high-end daily necessities.
3. Causes of excessive packaging and harm to the environment With the rapid development of the world economy, the global economy has become an integrated and diversified development trend. Economic development has evolved from pure quality competition in the past to today's entire life cycle. Multiple T(Time), Q(Quality), C(Cost), and S(Serve) competitions. Because of the special nature of commodity packaging, while having value and using value, it is also an important means to realize the value and use value of interior products. Therefore, modern enterprises and service industries pay more and more attention to packaging, and all goods are packaged or even excessive. Packaging, even daily necessities, is no exception; therefore, packaging waste not only increases in quantity, but also becomes more complex in texture, but the ability to handle these packaging wastes is approaching its limit. According to reports, in the United States, about 200 million tons of municipal group waste was generated in the United States in 1990, of which 1/3 was product packaging. The use of these packaging materials and disposal after disposal have placed a great burden on the environment. In particular, some plastic and composite chemical products are mostly difficult to recycle and reuse. They can only be incinerated or buried. Some degradation cycles can last for hundreds of years, causing great harm to the environment and disrupting people and nature. Harmonious relationship.
Second, the concept of green packaging, implementation methods and significance 1. Green packaging concept of product packaging should abandon the new, different consumer ideas, vigorously promote the simple packaging, this will not only reduce the waste of resources, but also reduce the environment Pollution and waste disposal costs. While the voice of the earth environment, the only home to protect our survival, has risen, countries around the world have been competing to research and implement the greening of the industry; for the packaging industry, it is how to apply green materials to green packaging products. The so-called green packaging refers to the moderate packaging that can be recycled, recycled, or naturally degraded, and that will not cause harm to the human body and the environment during the entire life cycle of the product. Developed countries in the world propose four R-D principles for green packaging, and the specific explanations are as follows: R - Reduce (reduction), Reuse (reuse), Recycle (recycle), Refull (refill use), Degradable (degradable) Therefore, green packaging is actually the greening of packaging materials.
2. Green Packaging Implementation Method and Significance The precondition and key factor for implementing green packaging is the use of green materials. The so-called green materials are materials that have good environmental compatibility under the premise of meeting general functional requirements. Green materials have the greatest resource utilization and the smallest environmental impact at all stages of the life cycle such as preparation, use, and post-use disposal. Green materials are also referred to as Eco-materials or environmentallyally conscious materials.
The selection of materials for green packaging should follow the following principles: Recyclable materials are preferred, and recycled materials are used as much as possible. Improve the utilization of resources and achieve sustainable development; try to use low-energy, less-polluting materials; try to choose materials and accessories that are environmentally compatible and avoid the use of materials that are toxic, hazardous, and radioactive. The materials used should be easy to reuse, recycle, repack, or easily degrade.
The greenization of packaging materials can reduce large amounts of waste and clean the environment; reduce the waste of energy and resources, make it possible for people and nature to develop harmoniously, and promote the implementation of sustainable development strategies.
From the point of view of social development, with the development of science and technology, it will inevitably cause some dissonant sounds when people are brought to a high degree of material civilization. We can neither blindly pursue the enjoyment of the exquisite effects of packaging but ignore the problems of environmental pollution and resource consumption, and it is even more impossible to return to the era of unpackaged simplicity. The key is to rely on science and technology, implement the greenization of the packaging industry, and create a better living space for mankind.

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