First, the quality of printed matter and factors that affect the quality of printing

The printing of plastic packaging materials is an important means of improving the grade of packaged goods, promoting the sale of goods, transmitting product information, and blocking the light's width. It is an important process for packaging goods. Anti-counterfeiting ink printing can prevent counterfeit and inferior products from entering the market and guarantee the good quality of the goods.

The printing quality of plastic packaging materials mainly has the following requirements:

(1) The fastness of printing is better, that is, the adhesion between the printing ink and the substrate is large, and it will not be peeled off due to the friction of the printing surface and the effect of external force. In order to improve the adhesion of the printing ink on the surface of the substrate, Should properly choose the ink and the printing surface has a good affinity for the bond material, increase the amount of ink binder;

(2) The printed material has good acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, temperature resistance, and light resistance, and it will not fade, discolor, or fall off due to the above factors;

(3) The printed matter should have good scratching property, and it will not leave scratches due to scratching of sharp objects. There is a difference between scratch resistance and rub resistance. The scratch resistance refers to the dryness of the ink after film formation. The ink film strength is better, that is, the molecular weight of the adhesive resin material in the ink should be high, and the mechanical strength, especially the hardness, is better. The resistance to rubbing is related to the adhesion between the ink and the substrate. The adhesion of the ink, ie, the adhesion of the binder, is also related to the size of the molecular weight, but the higher the molecular strength is, the greater the adhesion force is. : The adhesive strength of chlorinated polypropylene is not very good when the molecular weight is low, and it is not good if the molecular weight is too high; instead, it should have an optimum adhesive force in a moderate case. Therefore, some printed products leave a trace without leaving a mark on the nail, but they fall off after rubbing; some prints not only do not rub off and fall off, but also can't mark with nails;

(4) Good glossiness, semi-extinction and extinction according to the requirements of users of printed products;

(5) Correct print printing. Only with correct color registration, can we have a good effect of color registration, reflecting the correct color effect of superposition;

(6) Functional printing should have good functions, and properly select functional printing inks.

There are several factors that affect the printing quality:

(a) The original. The manuscript design should note:

(1) Patterns and texts cannot be used as customs taboos for the place where goods are sold, and they must adapt to the preferences of local people;

(2) The pattern should be compatible with the commodity, and the design should be novel and elegant and unconventional;

(3) The colors should be brightly drawn;

( 4)

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