If you use paper packaging every day, do you know how to design and test scientific packaging? If you are a paper packaging producer, do you know how to produce a more economical and practical carton? The "Teach you to be a paper packaging expert" column has officially met you from now on. This column will be based on practical, easy-to-understand principles to help carton users and cartons to scientifically design carton structures, develop more functional carton boxes, reduce costs, and achieve a common increase in user and packaging manufacturing.
The basic purpose of transport packaging is to protect the product and ensure that the product performs its intended function when it is put into use. In other words, the packaging must enable the packaged product to be delivered from the factory and delivered to the user through transportation, storage, and handling. protection. Therefore, the packaging used must not only prevent the products from being damaged due to vibration and impact during transportation, but also prevent the harmful effects caused by nature, regions, etc.
Packaging Method Shockproof Packaging (Cushioning Packing), Waterproof Packaging, Moisture Protection Packaging, Rustproof Packaging, Dustproof Packaging, Insect Protection Packaging, Deoxygenation Packaging, Radiation Protection Packaging, Dangerous Goods Packaging, Military Supplies Packaging, Children Packaging, Anti-Theft Packaging, Tank Packaging and many more.
The packaging of the design must be qualified and reasonable. The first point that reflects the reasonableness of the product is to protect the value of the product and to facilitate handling, storage and transportation. The second point is that packaging must be economical.
The six-step cushioned packaging design proposed by Lansmont Inc. lists the ASTM standards that should be followed at each step. So far, the six-step method has not only been adopted by the American engineering community, but has been included in the American Packaging Engineering Handbook, and has been accepted by all countries in the world as a classical document for guiding packaging design.
The contents of the six-step method Determination of the circulation environment 2. Determine product characteristics 3. Redesign of the product 4. Select the buffer material 5. Packaging Design 6. The six-step test method for the package is used. â–  The first step is to determine the circulation environment. The determination of the cruelty of the logistics environment is an important step in the buffer design. It mainly determines what kind of transport risks and dangerous conditions exist, including the accidental Drop, car vibration, impact, temperature and humidity limits, and stacking pressure, we are mainly involved in shock and vibration here, but other factors are also very important in the packaging design.
Impact shocks may occur at any point in the transportation process, with the most serious impact occurring at the handling stage. It includes the number of times a package is dropped during loading, unloading, and transfer. The most important thing is to know the height of the package that may fall.
It is inconceivable that vibration does not experience vibration during the transportation of a car. The rotation of the car engine and the rotation of the wheels also cause the vibration of the car. Uncertain vibrations can cause the reaction of the vehicle suspension system and deformation of the cabin. These uncertain vibrations may be periodic, and some vibrations may also be random. (To be continued)

Model: Pressing 250cc Wave Mug

Material: Glass

Color: plain white or with decal

Process: press process

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Pressing Wave Mug

Pressing Wave Mug,Wave Commuter Mug

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