Reluctantly in the graphic design community is a well-deserved master figure. He has won more than 300 design category awards, many of which are top-notch international graphic design awards. In 1999, he was awarded the Hong Kong Bauhinia Medal for his outstanding contribution to the design community.
Reluctantly emphasizes the professionalism of the designer. He believes that a beautiful design is not necessarily a good design. The best design is a design that suits the company and fits the product. He is a creative director of Hao and Liu Design Consultant Co., Ltd. He and Liu Design Consultant Co., Ltd. are Hong Kong's leading design companies and have been packaging design for numerous companies. The emblem of the Bank of China, which was designed in the early 1980s, is still regarded as an example.
The company is a brand that barely believes that a successful company must have a good brand image, and the company itself is the foundation of a good brand image. As a company, it should have a true image, a true physique, and should have a clear and consummate vision. The goal, as well as the inner and outer beauty. As a designer, you must understand these characteristics of the company, understand the nature of the company, determine the company's culture, and shape the true image of the company.
At the same time, he believes that design is not only a tool for business promotion, but more importantly for the enterprise to shape the image and accurately convey the company's cultural spirit. On the one hand, the design exerts its commercial functions and achieves the necessary market effects. On the other hand, it can contain relatively profound cultural qualities and establish a positive visual image for the company. In the process of designing a company, we follow this principle.
In order to understand the market's stubbornness and special emphasis on the professionalism of the designer, he believes that a beautiful design is not necessarily a good design. The best design is a design that suits the company and fits the product. The barely designed Raptor cowboy is the expressive work under this purpose. “Because the United States is famous for producing high-quality jeans, we have added American colors to the image of the Raptors in the process of designing. At the same time, we have added a festive atmosphere to the outer packaging, making the package rich. Humanity.” After the introduction of the new packaging, the Raptors cowboy market quickly opened, and now Raptors cowboy is Hong Kong people's holiday gifts.
Reluctantly believe that a good designer should not only master the modern design language, but also have the ability to analyze the market, have a keen sense of the market, market positioning for the product, so as to create an outstanding brand image.
The fusion of Chinese and Western design concepts reluctantly advocates the integration of the essence of Chinese traditional culture into Western modern design concepts. He stressed that this kind of blending is not a simple sum but a fusion of profound understanding of Chinese culture. For example, the logo of the Bank of China is generally concise and smooth, and it is full of the sense of the times. It also contains the meaning of ancient Chinese money and the connotation of Tianyuan. A clever "zhong" in the middle highlights the Bank of China's signboard. This sign can be said to be a classic and coherent idea of ​​the East and the West.
The tailor's origins are reluctant to admit that he is "not very smart" and his creative inspiration comes from the discovery in everyday life. Reluctantly said: "I am not a natural designer, just naturally cultivate potential from life. Love life helps me to understand the precious view of life, while giving me the power of creative creation."
In the future, the design is barely convinced in the mainland that the design of Asia now has to be Hong Kong besides Japan. If there is a future development, the Chinese mainland has great potential. After 15 years of openness, China’s modern design has also developed for about 15 years. In the 21st century, the Chinese people’s design power is likely to be on the mainland. If the Hong Kong younger generation of designers is not working hard, they will surely be sad in the future. Beyond the designer.
Reluctantly believe that Shenzhen and Guangzhou have concentrated on first-rate design talents in the Mainland. However, the environment in which designers work, including the recognition of the design industry, still has a long way to go. Reluctantly, he has been calling for the establishment of a design center with world-class advanced design level in Guangzhou with the aim of “giving the designers a better environment for development and helping more Guangdong enterprises to create excellent brands”.
Reluctantly hopes to continue to do something for China's design business. I hope that China can have a truly design publication that is truly authoritative and that occupies an important position in the world. Bringing the world's design information to China will also make China a good country. Promote things out - as a bridge to enhance mutual exchanges and enhance China's design to the international level. The design is tailor-made for others. It is reluctant to say that tailoring is tailor-made for others to tailor-make a set of clothes. It is for others to wear comfortably, looks beautiful and fits his heart. This concept is a designer must also have. You want to create a design for someone else - a consumer or a client - to satisfy him, not to do it for yourself. Just as a tailor's clothes need to fit someone's body, it's not something you wear. I can easily understand this concept. I wouldn't be like an artist who only designs with an artistic temperament. I will tailor a fitting design for the client.

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