Mining sample grinding machine

1. Move the small handle to open the knurled eccentric ball, clamp one end of the rubber test piece, and then press the other end of the test piece counterclockwise and press the movable pressure stick along the working wheel.

2. Start the motor and turn the grinding wheel in the direction indicated by the front.

3. Shake the handle so that the upper carriage is fed along the lower rail. The handle is equipped with a dial with a size of 0.02 mm.

4. The safety device is installed in the handwheel. The handwheel can only be turned counterclockwise, otherwise excessive force will damage its safety device.

5. The ore sample grinding machine should be coarsely ground and then finely ground before working.

The ore sample grinding machine is specially designed for rubber factories and scientific research units to grind rubber test pieces to a certain thickness for testing by other test equipment. It is one of the indispensable equipments for testing rubber quality. The ore grinding machine is compact in structure, and the two kinds of grinding wheels are working at the same time. It has the characteristics of one machine and two uses, which is convenient to use, saves time, and is safe and reliable.

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Vanity Washbasin

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Vanity Top Basin

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