Everyone wants their home to be warm and bright. The new home decoration will focus on the application of light and color in this process. The design of this suite is relatively simple, with white and black as the main color, embellished with bright red, Orange, green, etc., do not appear impetuous and will not be dull. Furniture items are also relatively common, so simple and practical. However, the interior decoration is different. It has a young literary fan, such as character line wall painting, artificial zebra leather carpet, and a guitar that can be played at any time. It can reflect the home design style of literary youth or petty bourgeoisie.

Professional Color Tape including Colored Duct Tape,Colored Masking Tape,Colored Packing Tape, etc. The biggest difference is that they all have their own colors, so it is called color tape. The decoration and resolution of color tape are very important. The most representative ones are red tape, yellow tape, blue tape, White Tape, orange tape, etc., which are not too small in the use of sealed carton.

Color Tape

Color Tape,Colored Duct Tape,Colored Masking Tape,Colored Packing Tape

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