The product of the rain test box is suitable for testing the waterproof performance of automotive lamps, wiper performance, waterproof strips, locomotive instruments and low-voltage electrical enclosure protection.

The rain shower test box has the following structural features: the shell body material is made of high-quality stainless steel A3 steel plate hairline, electrostatic spray, and the inner material is SUS304 mirror stainless steel plate. Beautiful and generous, a large-area visible glass door is installed on the door to facilitate observation of the test sample in the test chamber. The bottom of the rain test box is made of high-quality fixed PU movable wheel, which is convenient for users to move. The test chamber has a pendulum tube and a water spray device that can adjust the swing angle and a sample stage with adjustable speed.

The programmable logic controller used in the control system of the rain test chamber is branded by Weilun, Taiwan, to complete the time, angle and sequence control of the whole system. At the same time, the test box uses the stepping motor to control the angle to ensure that the test runs according to the standard. Equipped with a water filter.

The rain test box meets the national standards such as GB4208-2006 GB4942-93.

The Yashilin YASELINE brand rain test chamber is divided into LX-500 and LX-010, and the waterproof grade is IPX3 and IPX4.


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