This year marks the 50th anniversary of the summit of Mount Everest. The China Everest Mountaineering Team successfully climbed Mount Everest. General Secretary Hu Jintao sent power to express congratulations and a sensation throughout the nation, triggering a new round of climbing and outdoor sports. According to relevant data, mountaineering and outdoor sports have become one of the most popular and involved sports events in China.

While people are participating in mountain climbing and outdoor sports, it also involves the concept of modern mountaineering. “Why go hiking?” As early as the early 1920s, some people raised the issue for the famous British mountaineer and Mallory in the Mount Everest. When he set out again to climb Mount Everest, his friends and family had asked him with great interest. Mallory hesitated, then replied, "Because the mountain is there."

But more than 70 years later, Mallory's phrase has caused a bit of controversy among the mountain friends in China. For Malorie's remark, some people said that the meaning is profound and full of philosophy; but many old mountaineers raised doubts about it. They believe that Malorie's remarks are very necessary, and its meaning is rather vague. If it is passed down by people, it is easy to mislead the mountaineering. The controversial focus actually reflects people's different climbing concepts.

Why go hiking? It is the first problem faced by every mountaineering enthusiast. The rise of modern mountaineering is an inevitable outcome of the development of human society. First, the human society needs to recognize and in-depth study the high mountains and mountains that account for a large proportion of the earth's land area, recognize mountains, develop mountains, and use mountains to serve the development of human society. This is an important aspect of human society's understanding of nature and the transformation of nature. As a result, modern mountain sports have been created. It can be said that the modern mountaineering campaign is first and foremost the need for human society to develop and use nature to transform nature.

The second is that modern mountain sports are an important way to exercise human will, perseverance, and ability to exceed the limits. Due to changes in modern lifestyles, people are getting farther and farther away from nature, and life is becoming more comfortable. In the long run, people's will and perseverance will deteriorate. Modern mountaineering is a fight against low temperatures, anoxia, and snowstorms. In the face of ice-collapse, avalanche and other dangers, in order to reach the top in the restricted area of ​​human lives above 8,000 meters above sea level, mountaineers must continue to withstand ordinary people's unbearable tests and hardships. Li Zhixin, a famous mountaineer in China, said: “Mount Everest is a major leap in my life.”

Third, mountaineering can inspire people, boost morale, and win honors for the country and nation. Mountaineering is a brave person's movement. It can not only hone people's will and perseverance, but also can win honors for the country and nation and win glory for the country. The Chinese mountaineering team has repeatedly climbed Everest since 1960, which is a great encouragement to the people of all ethnic groups in China.

The fourth is based on people's greater emphasis on health, through the participation in mountaineering outdoor sports to achieve physical fitness, pleasure and purpose. Due to environmental pollution, urban noise, excessive stress, and excessively fast pace of life, people are subjected to tremendous physical and psychological pressure and harm people's health. First of all, starting from western countries, people participate in mountain climbing and outdoor sports to keep fit, relax, and get physical and mental restoration in the mountains and mountains away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

At present, there are new trends in mountaineering, from the movement of a few people to the public, from the ivory tower to the folk. With the development of our country's economic construction and the progressive development of society, modern mountain-climbing movements have been favored and loved by more and more people with their unique charm. They are gradually becoming socialized and popularized.

How to go mountaineering? From a spontaneous and loose approach, it is gradually organized and planned. There are many mountaineering enthusiasts in China, but since they are still in a spontaneous stage, they are truly organized and there are few planned activities. The first reason is that social development has not yet reached a certain level of maturity, and people's sense of autonomy has yet to be improved. Second, mountaineering associations at all levels have lagged behind the standardized management of mountaineering. According to statistics, there are currently more than 260 mountaineering and outdoor sports clubs in China, and the number of participants is around 100,000. Although only a small proportion of mountaineering and outdoor sports enthusiasts, the number is still small, but with the maturity of our country's society, more and more people will gradually move to a planned, organized mountaineering outdoor sports.

On the other hand, mountaineering is a sport with high technological content. Mountaineering seems simple and actually contains a lot of scientific knowledge. It is a high-tech sport. Mountaineering requires more people to participate in mountaineering. Through mountaineering, we also need to educate nature, education on environmental protection, and education on natural knowledge.

The fifth is to establish the concept of “big mountaineering”, promote the rapid and healthy development of mountaineering in China, and raise the national health level. Today, mountaineering has grown from a pre-existing alpine adventure sports program to a large-scale project group, including alpine adventures, mountaineering fitness, rock climbing and ice climbing, outdoor sports, and outreach sports. The concept of "mountaineering" stands in the direction of "big mountaineering" to actively guide and promote the development of mountaineering, meet the needs of the community, develop the mountaineering market, and promote the health services for all.

The establishment of a modern mountaineering concept is a requirement for the development of the times and an inevitable trend for the development of mountaineering and outdoor sports. We should actively adapt to the objective requirements of this trend development and make a contribution to popularizing mountain climbing and outdoor sports and improving the health of the Chinese nation.

"People's Daily" (12th edition, November 14, 2003)

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