As the upstream industry of the sanitary industry, changes in real estate policies will have a significant impact on the sanitary industry. If there is news that is beneficial to real estate, it will form a corresponding stimulus for the bathroom industry.

Government allocates "consumer" market resources

On March 5th, the government work report released by the Premier of the State Council at the People's Congress focused on the theme of “consumption” and emphasized “promoting the stable and healthy development of the real estate market”, which means “making the market play a decisive role in resource allocation”. In the framework of thinking, China's real estate market will enter a nature-oriented transformation led by speculative investment-oriented consumption, and gradually become a market to improve the living conditions of all residents. This is a big plus for the bathroom company.

Upstream industry development policy is gradually relaxed

In fact, looking back at the changes in the real estate policy for the whole year of 2014, it is not difficult to see that between January and April, the country has continued the strict tone since 2013, and from May to September, local governments have relaxed their “dead tie”. The policy, from the end of September "Central Four" and the beginning of October, the new provident fund new policies, the restrictions on loans, purchase restrictions, further loosened. In the two sessions, for the first time in eight years, no keywords such as “real estate regulation” and “restriction purchase” were mentioned, or the real estate industry will gradually relax the policy, and “spring” is coming.

Bathroom and other home development environment is good

With the continuation of the two sessions, the policy of “going to administrative intervention and returning to market leadership” has gradually introduced, housing prices in first- and second-tier cities have continued to decline, and housing prices in third- and fourth-tier cities have stabilized. Or will further stimulate the real estate business's inventory processing, consumer demand for housing. At the same time, the coming of the era of big home, the gradual implementation of a series of humanized programs such as fine decoration, one-stop, integration, etc., or will be sought after by more consumers, so that the home industry will break down barriers and continue to pick up, driving the industry as a whole. development of.

For sanitary ware enterprises, how to adapt to the "new normal" of the economy, seize the opportunity to win the initiative, and let innovation become the engine that drives development is a question worth considering and discussing.

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