The winter climate is dry and cold, the skin's water retention is drastically reduced, and the makeup problems of floating powder, card powder and makeup are coming back. Fighting these troubles is actually a simple three-step process.

1. Hydrating and translucent lotion mask

Applying a moisturizing and not heavy lotion mask as a first step in makeup is the secret to ensuring the makeup of the winter makeup. The lotion mask is also very easy to operate. The cotton pad is dampened with water, and a 1 dollar coin-sized lotion is poured on the cotton pad. Then the cotton pad is divided into 5 equal parts and applied to the face for 3 minutes, and the perfect and rapid is completed. The hydration process, and you do not have to worry about sticky and difficult to absorb will affect your makeup progress, it is the best winter makeup. However, it is necessary to remind you that after finishing the make-up mask, you must complete the basic care of the lotion to ensure that the water is not lost, and then you can start working on makeup.

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Three steps to solve many problems in winter makeup

A botanical lotion rich in botanical extracts. Its active ingredients penetrate into every corner of the skin, guiding the "continuous moisturizing skin" while regulating the texture of the skin. Quickly penetrates, leaving the skin feeling a gentle touch of moisture. Balances skin pH and adjusts skin tone to ideal water-oil balance. With every treatment, it leads to a skin that is full of moisture and transparency.

2.Incorporating a little care product into the base of the non-calorie powder foundation

Three steps to solve many problems in winter makeup

Add a little lotion or cream to the foundation to make the foundation even better and make it look more natural and shiny on the face. The liquid foundation blends with the skin care products, which is like adding a constant amount of moisture to the skin while applying the foundation, so that the dry skin on the face becomes more moisturized. Simply pour the liquid foundation and lotion or cream onto the puff or hand, mix well, and then slap on your face. The amount of skin care products used depends on how dry your skin is.