When you look in the mirror, you always feel that your eyes are so small. If you have an impulse, you will have the idea of ​​opening your eyes, but plastic surgery is somewhat risky and expensive. Today I want to teach everyone how to use the make-up method to "open the eyes", is it very heart-warming, immediately offered!

Invisible eyeliner

If you want thick and long eyelashes like invisible eyeliner, you can make up the inner and outer eyeliner between the eyelashes, and it will become thick, black and deep in the eyes immediately.

Today's "open eyes" makeup method

2. Long eyelashes

Oriental eyelashes are mostly drooping, so brush up the mascara from the roots.

3. Single bundle of false eyelashes

The row of false eyelashes is easy to see the makeup, and the elongated fibers stick to the roots of the eyelashes. It can visually extend the length of the eyelashes and create a sense of natural roots.

Today's "open eyes" makeup method

4. Combing the roots and clear the eyelashes

Then brush each eyelash with a very thin comb-like brush head, showing the natural long curly eyelashes like the original.

1. Pearlescent silver powder brightens the eyes

The silvery white eye shadow powder replaces the pearly texture on the fingertips, and is applied to the eye and the eye cavity in a small area.

Today's "open eyes" makeup method

2. White depicting the lower eyelids

From the eye to the eye, the white eye shadow pen is pressed against the lower eyelid to draw a thin line, which visually expands the depth of the eye.