Lead: Creatine is like a classic novel. It has passed the test of time, but many people have never read it. I hope that everyone can try it when they have the conditions, but they must establish a correct view of the tonic, body and diet concept! Because bodybuilding is good, supplements are also needed, but the two are not to check and balance, but to complement each other!

One reveals the secrets and facts of creatine
     In reality, many people are taking creatine, but most people don't know much about creatine, just listen to people's effects. I hope that after reading this article, you will have a comprehensive understanding of creatine and help you uncover the doubts in your heart.

116.jpg In the 1996 Summer Olympics, many gold medalists took creatine. Why? The reason is simple, it has helped a lot in improving athletic performance. In 1832 , a French scientist first discovered creatine, but it was not until 1923 that scientists discovered that more than 95% of creatine was stored in muscle tissue. The article that first reported that creatine was used for bodybuilding training was in 1926 . Although we already know that creatine has existed for many years, it was only at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics in Spain that it really made people understand that its role is really different.

Scientific research shows that creatine is the most basic supplement for bodybuilders

On the one hand, creatine can significantly increase muscle circumference in a short period of time;

On the other hand, creatine can provide a strong guarantee for high-intensity training, improve exercise levels and accelerate recovery. Creatine also prolongs the retention of energy produced by protein synthesis in the muscles and also reduces the breakdown of proteins in the body. This is because creatine can store a large amount of water in muscle tissue, which promotes intramuscular growth. Many scientific studies have confirmed that creatine can increase energy levels, strength levels, endurance and recovery time. But even though science has confirmed the wonderful role of creatine, there are still many people who are puzzled by this, such as the following:


Q: Is creatine a steroid?
A: After you understand what the concept of steroids is, you will distinguish between creatine and steroids. Simply put, steroids are synthetic androgen, and in the following introduction you will know that it is not a steroid.

Q: What is creatine and how is it produced?
A: First of all, let us know that our body can naturally produce creatine. Arginine, glycine, and methionine produce creatine through our liver, pancreas, and kidneys. . When creatine reaches muscle tissue, it is converted to creatine phosphate, a high-energy metabolite that is used as energy ATP (adenosine triphosphate) for muscle movement . We also need to know that more than 95% of creatine is stored in muscle tissue, and the rest is stored in the brain, heart and other parts of the body. Unlike steroids and other drugs, creatine is found in many foods (salmon, tuna, beef, etc.), so international sports organizations have never included creatine in the ban.

Q: What is the role of creatine?
A: The main function of creatine is to increase the body's creatine phosphate system to power muscle movement. This is a concept that is difficult to understand. First, I must emphasize that muscle fibers can store ATP (adenosine triphosphate). The ATP energy generated just enough muscle contraction for three seconds, or even a very high level bodybuilders can also be extended to 5-6 seconds. So what does it mean to store so little energy in the body? Of course it makes sense. This is the source of our body's explosive power. Sprinters will deeply understand why explosive power is so important. And now three seconds of real training is simply not enough! Therefore, we must find a way to continuously produce energy to complete long-term muscle contraction.
Phosphate: In order to continuously replenish ATP , muscle cells contain a high-energy phosphate compound called creatine phosphate, and more specifically, the compound contains phosphate. The enzyme released by your muscle cells removes the phosphate from the creatine phosphate molecule, which is then converted to ADP and finally re-forms the high-energy molecule ATP . Simply put, when your body uses ATP , it separates the phosphate to produce the energy needed for exercise, and the rest is called ADP . Our muscle fibers contain a lot of creatine phosphate to produce the ATP needed for exercise . Your muscle cells release enzymes to separate creatine from the phosphate, which releases energy, which in turn combines with ADP to produce ATP . Phosphate can provide 10-20 seconds of energy so that bodybuilders can continue to train at high intensity.

Q: How is muscle used in sports?
A: Very simple, muscle can strengthen your muscle phosphate system, which can be used to accomplish many things. Can enhance your explosive power. Most athletes experience a strong explosive force after taking creatine; it allows you to withstand more intense training and longer training time. Not only does it give you more stamina, but it also allows your body to withstand large weight stimuli so your muscles get bigger and bigger. (Note: Interestingly, in some studies it was found that muscles can also buffer the formation of lactic acid.)

Q: Does creatine have side effects? Is it safe?
A: As mentioned earlier, muscle is not a hormone. Therefore, it does not have any side effects, not illegal steroids. There are many studies that show that creatine is a safe supplement. According to statistics, Americans consumed 500,000 kilograms of creatine in 1999 ! This statistic alone indicates that muscle is a safe and effective supplement. Not only these, but the muscles have been the best-selling supplement in a decade, and have never reported any side effects.

Who can take creatine?
A: First of all, anyone who wants to gain muscle and improve endurance should try creatine. Secondly, anyone who wants to improve muscle mass, recover quickly and remove excess body fat should also try creatine; finally, any high-intensity People with physical activity should try creatine.

Q: I am a woman and I want to take creatine, but I don't want to have muscles like men.
A: If this is the case, I suggest that you do not eat as big as a male. Creatine will help improve the quality of your training, but only heat will make your muscles develop! Creatine is a good helper for muscle gain, but to increase muscle can only increase calorie intake. However, creatine will make you store a lot of water in your body, which will make you look bloated. If you don't want to see this effect, then you are advised not to take creatine.

Q: I don't exercise. Do you think that creatine can make me grow muscles and help to lose weight?
A: Of course not. If you don't exercise, I don't know what kind of supplement will work for you! Creatine can provide more energy to the muscles in a short period of time, but if you don't use them, it's a huge waste. If you take creatine, you should make your strength stronger during training and give full play to its effects so that you can achieve muscle gain.

Q: Creatine can indirectly increase weight, so can I continue to take it during fat loss?
A: Creatine can store a lot of water in your body. This is a good thing! But in fact, even in the period of fat loss, there will still be a lot of water in your body. I don't think there is a necessary connection between taking creatine and fat in the body. If it is helpful to you, it is also that during the fat loss, creatine can help you retain more muscle. In my opinion, there is no need to stop taking creatine during the fat loss period. However, you must stop taking creatine 2 weeks before the game so that you don't store a lot of water in your body. In addition to this, creatine will only benefit your fat loss.

Q: Can I use creatine together with protein powder?
A: If you can't take protein and creatine at the same time, then you may be a vegetarian. If so, you may need to consume about 40 grams of creatine from your daily food ! Furthermore, if creatine leaves the protein, the effect of creatine will not be great. The problem is that we have to keep the muscles in an uncomfortable state, which is the key to muscle growth. Creatine only works indirectly. If you can't provide muscle growth and restore the protein you need, what is the significance of training?

Q: I am taking creatine now, but I started taking only half of the prescribed amount, because I feel it will make me get angry, and sometimes it will have hallucinations. What should I do?
A: I think one is because your creatine contains caffeine or ephedrine, and the second is because your creatine quality is very poor. I emphasize again, creatine is not a hormone! It will never make you feel what you are saying.

Q: Do you feel that creatine does not have much effect? ​​I want to achieve the effect of increasing muscles through hard training, so I don't want to take creatine.
A: I don't agree with you! If you have conditions without taking creatine, it may be your loss.

Q: Is there any way to make the role of creatine to the extreme?
A: This is a very good question. First of all, if you don't have a lot of water, the effects of creatine will not work. If you want the best results, you must drink plenty of water!
Secondly, if some supplements are properly matched, taking them together will complement each other and achieve the best results. For example, when reducing fat, ephedrine and caffeine are taken together; creatine and glutamine; in addition, creatine and high-quality carbohydrates are also a very good match, they can store a lot of water in the body. Share, but this method is recommended for use after training.

Q: How can I take creatine correctly to achieve the best results?
A: In order to get the best results of creatine, the body's creatine storage must reach saturation. During the storage period of creatine, it is usually 5 days, taking 4-5 times a day , a total of 20-25 grams. This method can make the body's creatine saturated in the fastest time. Next, take 5-10 grams a day , so that creatine is always saturated in the body. After the storage period, if you take more than 10 grams of creatine per day , it is absolutely wasteful, and excess creatine will be expelled from the body.

Q: In order to get better results, do I need to take creatine and carbohydrates together?
A: When we are digesting carbohydrates, the pancreas secretes insulin. The simpler the carbohydrate, the higher the insulin level. Insulin brings nutrients to muscle tissue and plays a big role in muscle recovery. If you take or take creatine together with simple carbohydrates, it can accelerate the absorption of nutrients by muscle tissue. However, insulin can also store fat in the body, so it is recommended that you consume a lot of carbohydrates after breakfast and training, because there will not be a lot of fat in the body during these two periods.

Q: I have heard that creatine can be taken at the same time as caffeine. But I read an article that caffeine may hinder muscle tissue absorption of creatine, which in the end right?
A: That was a very controversial article published in 1996 . However, if you look at the article very carefully, you can see that caffeine has no effect on the absorption of creatine tissue. A 1998 study showed that creatine can be absorbed quickly when taken alone or even with caffeine.

Q: I washed my creatine in the morning, but basically it was only after a few hours that I really thirst, so okay?
A: Creatine is not very stable when dissolved, so it is recommended that you do not leave the interval as long as possible.

Q: Should the intake of creatine be recycled?
A: My suggestion is that the storage period is 5 days, then 5-10 grams per day , 4-6 weeks for a cycle; you can also use the 1-2 week cycle method. Many athletes think this is a better way. However, many athletes use a 5- day shelf life, 4-6 weeks of cycling, and this method is now more popular.
Q: Is the storage period of creatine necessary?
A: The storage period of creatine is not required. The storage period of creatine on the study table can quickly saturate the body's creatine level, and you can also saturate the body's creatine level in 1 month instead of 5 days. The problem is that most people don't have the patience to spend a month doing this.

Q: Creatine can increase the strength of the muscles, then the heart is also muscle, can it make people's heart beat more powerful?
A: Laboratory studies have shown that the heart of the animal does contain creatine, but there is no more in the skeletal muscle. The medical report also mentioned that people with long-term heart disease have relatively less creatine in their heart muscles. It seems that taking creatine is good for the normal work of the heart.

Q: In the past, there have been many reports about creatine and muscle cramps? Are these studies still going on now?
A: In the past few years, many scientific studies have taken creatine without causing muscle cramps in athletes.
In fact, recent research has confirmed this.
Q: What is the difference between creatine powder and creatine capsule?

A: Powdered creatine or better than capsule creatine is better for absorption, because the capsule has a layer of covering on the outside, first of all to digest this layer of cover; and, creatine is taken in grams, if you taking one day, then you might want to take 20 1 grams of creatine capsules, particularly inconvenient.

Q: I am losing fat now. I am worried that creatine contains calories?
A: No. There is no heat at all in creatine.

Summary: Creatine is like a classic novel. It has passed the test of time, but many people have never read it. I hope that everyone can try it when they have the conditions, but they must establish a correct view of the tonic, body and diet concept! Because bodybuilding is good, supplements are also needed, but the two are not to check and balance, but to complement each other! (This article is taken from this net user article)

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