The flexographic printing machine is mainly composed of impression cylinder, plate cylinder, ink fountain, doctor blade, ink transfer roller, ink feed roller (ink fountain roller) or anilox roller.

The impression cylinder is a metal cylinder with a smooth surface; the plate cylinder is also a metal cylinder with a smooth surface; the plate cylinder is used to paste a flexible printing plate; Roller; the surface of the ink fountain roller is also a roller cast with rubber. Ink conveying system transfers ink to the printing plate through rubber ink roller or anilox ink roller. At present, the commonly used ink delivery system does not use a rubber ink roller, but directly immerses the anilox roller into the ink tank. When rotating, the ink on the roller surface is scraped off by the doctor blade. At present, some printing machines also use ceramic rollers instead of metal anilox rollers, which have the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life and good ink transfer performance.

The specifications of the flexographic printing machine are of narrow width and wide width, and those with a lateral specification of less than 600mm are narrow, and those with a width of more than 600mm are wide. The flexographic printing machine is divided into two forms: web paper and flat paper. Among them, the flat paper flexo printing machine can perform printing, creasing, grooving and slitting at the same time, which is mostly suitable for the direct printing of corrugated cardboard. The web flexo printing unit is classified according to its arrangement form, there are three types of organic group type, satellite type and stacked type. Among them, each printing unit has an independent structure and is arranged horizontally, and the printing unit is driven by a common power shaft, which is a unit-type flexographic printing machine. Its characteristics are: it can be used for single-color or multi-color printing, and can also be used for double-sided printing. The machine is more suitable for printing a small number of printed products.

In the satellite-type flexographic printing machine, the impression cylinder is shared. Multiple printing units are arranged around the large impression cylinder. The impression cylinder can complete the printing of various color plates in one revolution, which has the advantage of accurate overprinting. However, due to the short distance between the printing units, it is not easy to dry the print in an instant, so it is better to use UV ink for products with large area and multi-color overlay printing. This machine is more suitable for printing products with larger number of prints. The laminated flexographic printing machine is to stack each printing unit on both sides of the host machine for printing, and each printing unit is driven by the host machine's gear chain. This machine can print the front and back sides, but due to the defects of the mechanical structure, the overprint accuracy is not as good as the satellite type, so it is not suitable for printing thin materials.

The experience of Carton packaging design: The creative production of product packaging is not a matter oftechnology but of marketing. As for the printing and production processes, it is only the bottom equipment and technology system that the industry and the company must possess for the packaging manufacturers. This is only the process of production and production. After the box is produced, it is actually a product. All the information conveyed by the box is actually the information of the goods and is also an interpretation of the goods themselves.


The Gift Box is a practical gift package with the main purpose of presenting gifts for relatives and friends, and is an extension of the social needs of a functional package. The gift box is a manifestation of the heart. Our love gift or the love merchandise purchased by us is a package that can reflect the effect. It is either romantic, or mysterious, or a surprise, or a shock when you are slow. Slowly opening it is like opening the secret forest in your heart and showing him the different intentions you are expressing. This is the meaning of the gift box.


In the graphic design, hot stamping, UV, and convex (concave) can play the role of finishing touch and highlight the design theme, and is particularly suitable for the decoration of trademarks and registered names.

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