In the cool mix of equipment for such a long time, and found that many people have a soft spot for the lighting category, home has numerous handlebars, self-styled headlamp flashlight control, headlamps and flashlights to achieve a similar degree of obsession, hiking during the day also Wear headlamps~

Lighting is really important. At night, it provides light and people feel a sense of security. It illuminates the road and provides security. In short, it is safe.

What I recommend to you today is Fenix's E25, which can reach up to 1000 lumens - it's still very bright!

Fenix ​​is ​​regarded as the leading brand of lighting in China. The E25 is also its flagship model. The total length is 16cm, and it is only 87g without batteries. It is a very compact and lightweight flashlight that can be used to place AA batteries or put 14500 batteries.

The most basic index of a flashlight is even the lumen, 1000 stream is still very bright, the maximum range of 200 meters, ipx-8 water is basically what the water is not afraid, three hard anodized, more resistant!

This flashlight has five gears, the brightness can be adjusted, the maximum lumen life 50 minutes ~ 350 lumens in the most commonly used stalls can also last for more than 2 hours ~

The price of this E25 is still relatively cheap, more than 200 dollars, like to buy yo.....

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