<p> [ Chinese wardrobe net ] At present, in the home decoration, the owner chose to move the door to increase the decoration. Especially as a fashion element, the wardrobe sliding door is one of the standard configurations of European and American home decoration. The reason is mainly that the sliding door has an absolute advantage in terms of stable structure, convenient use, improved space utilization, green environmental protection, simplicity of customized process, and cost performance.

Want to have a set of comfortable wardrobe sliding doors, in addition to the quality of the sliding door brand, but also must prepare some preliminary work.

Generally speaking, the sliding door of the wardrobe is not complicated. The sliding door is actually a product that can be customized according to the customer's requirements. It can be produced from small workshops to large-scale production. At present, the materials available on the market for sliding doors are mainly wood, glass, mirrors and other special materials. Individual manufacturers have also introduced new types of plates and so on. The quality of a sliding door, profile hardware is the key. Be careful to avoid the following pitfalls:

Use poor materials regardless of environmental standards. In the market, some manufacturers use coarse plates and formaldehyde exceeds the standard. When ordering the wardrobe, it is necessary to find out whether the manufacturer's products are environmentally friendly. It is recommended that you buy the well-known brand products or the plates that are actually imported from Europe and the United States. The environmental protection requirements are E1, but the price may be slightly higher.

Merchants use thin materials. The door core is made of glass or silver mirror, generally 5mm. It takes 10mm to make it with a wooden board. If it is thin, it will be unstable and will be deformed after a while, because the probability of shaking is high under high frequency use. For the sliding board, it is best to choose 10mm or 12mm thick board, which is firm, stable and durable.

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