[ Chinese wardrobe net ] [Chinese wardrobe net ] The wardrobe has reached the time of the season change. In addition to the original clothes, we must fully consider the storage space of the wardrobe. How can the wardrobe be designed to improve the storage space? The wardrobe net recommends three options for storage cases and custom wardrobes. Small changes will allow you to get a large storage.

Wardrobe storage solution

Wardrobe storage design 1: independent dressing room can be used for open floor design

Bedroom custom closet design

Wardrobe custom and storage match with your neat home space (appreciate more wardrobe pictures )

The dressing room should be planned according to the habits of the habits and the type of clothing. If it is a free-standing dressing room, the open design can be used to take the clothes. In the L-shaped area, it is recommended to use U or 旋转 type rotating hangers to increase the storage capacity. It also avoids the mess that may be caused by open laminates.

Wardrobe storage design 2: actuarial clothes rail height compression between the ultimate storage space

Simple wardrobe storage renderings

Wardrobe customization and storage match with your neat home space (Appreciate more wardrobe pictures )

Due to the seasonal relationship, there are not many opportunities to wear the coat. Therefore, the ratio of the distribution of the clothes rail is generally set to 90 to 110 cm. If the wardrobe is 180 to 200 cm high, the upper and lower poles can be planned. Coats and dresses are set at 150 to 180 cm, and the rest of the storage function can be planned up and down.

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