In the general downturn of the furniture market, custom furniture is constantly developing. More and more custom furniture has begun to enter people's home life. Customized furniture meets the individual needs of a new generation of people, and also injects new developments into furniture companies. direction. So, what are the characteristics and advantages of custom furniture and home furnishings?

First, the custom furniture style is more coordinated and diversified

The characteristic of custom furniture is to create different styles of furniture to change our lives. Modern minimalist style makes us a favorite style, but modern minimalist style is not a single style, modern minimalism can also have a lot of extensions, these are the characteristics of custom furniture, not subject to a style. When buying a finished wardrobe, I always pick some of my favorite ones, but when I buy it, I often find that the style of the wardrobe is not uniform with other furniture styles, and the decoration is not coordinated.

Custom furniture effect

Second, the production process

The traditional on-site wardrobe is a solid measurement of woodwork. The large core board is cut on the spot according to the size, and the wardrobe is assembled by nails. After the wardrobe is assembled, the corresponding process is adopted according to the user's requirements. The surface and edges of the core are hand treated. The professional custom-made wardrobe uses most of the board, the board adopts standardized assembly line production and fully automatic machine edge-sealing. The size is relatively accurate, ensuring the tightness and fineness of the wardrobe, and the edge of the board is relatively uniform and without roughness.

Custom furniture craft

Third, custom furniture can more effectively use space

It can be arbitrarily designed according to the needs of the subscribers, or there are many drawers, or multiple partitions, and it is also possible to add a basket of any size in advance, which makes it more versatile and arbitrarily. Customized furniture has a frame thickness ranging from 8 mm to 10 mm. The increase in the thickness of the card slot ensures that the door can be of various styles, which can be glazed, inlaid with aluminum, with patterned glass. With mirrors, a variety of styles, free to choose.

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customized furniture

Fourth, custom furniture to help consumers solve problems

For multi-beam multi-columns, irregular and other problems, the finished furniture can only be placed and can not cover the room type problem. Custom furniture is tailored to the room type, taking into account external aesthetics and space utilization. In the picture, the wardrobe "Baoliang", some space under the beam and column can still be stored, retaining the integrity of the wardrobe while also making the space more tidy and crisp, and also perfectly solve the problem of the problem room type.

Custom home

Fifth, custom furniture has greatly reduced the backlog of inventory

Custom furniture is not only favored by consumers, but also by the business. Custom furniture is basically how much to sell, and finished furniture is sold after mass production, so the inventory of custom furniture market is less, and the finished furniture market is more. The inventory backlog caused the goods not to be circulated, and the result was not because the goods could not be eliminated from the market trend or sold at a low price.

Custom style

However, although custom furniture is getting better and better, it is also true that the market is not standardized. Consumers need to pay more attention to the selection process.

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