No matter what style of kitchen door decoration effect picture , the overall decoration of the kitchen must be coordinated to be more eye-catching. As the most important part of interior door decoration, the kitchen door has attracted more and more attention from many consumers. There are many types of kitchen door choices, such as kitchen partition doors, kitchen folding doors, kitchen sliding doors, etc. Nice kitchen door choice. Today, the editor will show you some renderings of the kitchen door decoration. Let's enjoy it together.

Kitchen door decoration renderings 1

Coffee Bar, Kitchen-Designed for two-entry kitchens for owners with many visitors, the coffee bar is designed with an open design, and the hot cooking area with oily fumes is separated by a sliding door area. The glass door has good permeability and good lighting! The middle is decorated with a wooden frame and printed glass, the upper part is transparent glass, and the lower part is frosted glass! The simple and elegant design of the simple glass sliding door!

Kitchen door decoration renderings 2

Incorporating the practicality of oil fumes, this kitchen is designed with cut glass as a partition, echoing the restaurant style in a low perspective! The design style of the restaurant is biased towards a simple modern style. The decoration is simple and practical. The pink wall decoration on the lotus wall is a little warm. A glass glass door is installed between the restaurant and the kitchen. The white wooden door frame and low perspective glass are installed. Bright atmosphere that embellishes the interior style!

Kitchen door decoration renderings three

With both functional and aesthetic considerations, the door panel blocks the fumes from dissipating in the public domain. The positioning of the Nakajima bar allows the kitchen to have simple cooking and dining flexibility. Black door frame, transparent glass door panel, stable and practical! Echoing with the white cabinets and Nakajima counters, there is a classic contrast beauty!

Kitchen door decoration renderings 4

The original wooden door of the kitchen in the old house was modified by the designer and embedded with two pieces of translucent glass yarn, so that the hostess could notice the movement outside the door when serving hot soup. The mint green wood door panel has a fresh and natural beauty. With the clip glass, it highlights the transparency of the kitchen door! The restaurant is also dominated by white, similar to the style of the connected kitchen door, and the restaurant is equipped with a heavy black dining table and chairs.

Kitchen door decoration renderings five

Stretched glass door not only achieves sufficient lighting, but also effectively saves space. The bright green cabinets, under the good lighting of the transparent glass stretching door, make the kitchen look very lively!

Kitchen door decoration renderings six

Framed glass door is a more traditional kitchen sliding door shape. The wooden frame is very simple and elegant, and the glass adds a modern sense of fashion. The light yellow color adds a touch of warmth to such a door!

Kitchen door decoration renderings seven

The glass door here is partitioned with wooden boards of the same material as the cabinet, but it does not lose its overall sense and blends with the cabinet to echo each other.

Kitchen door decoration renderings eight

Using the whole glass as the kitchen door, people outside the kitchen can see the movement inside, and people inside the kitchen can also see the dining table. The biggest advantage of this kind of kitchen door is that it has good lighting and strong perspective, which highlights the overall sense of the interior. The kitchen door frame uses mellow black with simple large transparent glass. Although simple, it is also a fashion!

Kitchen door decoration renderings nine

The double-opening sliding glass door not only saves space, but also transmits light from the dining room to the kitchen, increasing the kitchen brightness.

Kitchen door decoration renderings ten

Between the closed or open kitchen that is difficult to choose, the intimate designer plans the kitchen into two areas: hot fried area & open area. A glass partition is installed between these two areas. Functionally, the fumes are cut off, and the black door frame is prominent in the white kitchen! It can be called a design highlight!

The above appreciation of the kitchen door decoration renderings is briefly introduced to everyone here, I hope you will like it! If you have any questions, please leave a message at the bottom of the page, we will answer you as soon as possible. Thank you for your support of this website, and related articles have been published one after another, please continue to pay attention.

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