The cotton thread is a cotton-fiber twisted thread. There are two kinds of binding cotton, coating and non-glazing, and there are two types of packaging: straight shaft and tower shaft. The tower shaft type is mostly used for lock wire processing. Its specifications are based on professional standards as follows: 42 strands of yarn 4 and 6 strands, 60 strands of yarn 4 strands and 6 strands of white wax tower line, the models are respectively S424, S426 S604, S606 can also be denoted as 42S/4, 42S/6, 60S/4, 60S/6, where S represents the yarn, and the number under the diagonal line represents the number of shares.

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 This back support belt is fit for all men and women,no matter you are driver,
office worker,athletes,you could wear it ,It can protect your lumbar veterbra effecty
The waist brace can prevent or alleviate the pain due to  muscle cramps and injury.
The elastic material can provide help for maintaining body temperature, 
accelerating blood circulation, and facilitating rehabilitation.
1. High-elasticity,lets you fell comfortable,better to support waist,double compressing
2.The waist support is breathable,easy to sweat 

Waist Support

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