In the last article, we talked about the problem that the temperature of the test chamber and saturation tank of the salt spray test chamber could not rise to the set temperature and gave answers. Below we continue to discuss other common problems and treatment methods of the salt spray test chamber.

1. Insufficient spray volume

Causes of failure: 1. The spray regulator is placed too low; 2. The glass filter in the preheating tank is blocked; 3. The pressure is set too low.

Treatment methods: 1. Increase the spray regulator; 2. Clean the glass filter; 3. Adjust the pressure regulating valve to a pressure of 1Kg per square centimeter. The air compressor is marked with a pressure regulating valve and adjusted to 2Kg Pressure per square centimeter.

2. When the low water level alarm light is on

Cause: The water level is too low.

Treatment method: check whether the water level in the test room or saturation tank is sufficient.

Faults and treatment methods of salt spray test chamber (2)

3. There is normal spray and the air compressor is not running

Cause of failure: The air compressor itself has a self-protection function.

Treatment method: Use as usual, without affecting the test process.

Four, unable to spray

Causes of failure: 1. The air compressor is not running; 2. The main switch at the outlet of the air compressor is not turned on; 3. The solenoid valve is faulty; 4. The pressure gauge is faulty or the pressure is too low; 5. The electromagnetic contactor is faulty; 6. The nozzle is blocked ;

Treatment methods: 1. Turn on the air compressor button; 2. Turn on the air compressor main switch; 3.4.5. Notify the maintenance company to come to the door for repair; 6. Remove and clean the nozzle (please be careful when disassembling).

5. Cannot run after turning on the power

Cause of failure: When the water level in the heating tank is too low, the power supply for operation will be cut off.

Treatment method: increase the water level of the heating tank to normal conditions.

6. When the temperature controller displays HHH, LLL

Causes of failure: temperature controller failure, temperature sensor failure.

Solution: Notify the maintenance company for home repair.

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