The warm and comfortable quilt can accompany you into a sweet dream. In the cold winter, you can put a soft and warm winter quilt, and you can "hibernate" beautifully. So how do you choose?

With the advent of winter, all kinds of winter quilts have entered the peak season, and all kinds of wool quilts, nine-hole quilts, duvets, silk quilts, etc. have been placed in prominent positions by the merchants.

But in terms of the quilt's filling, there are five categories: silk, down, wool, cotton, and chemical fiber.

Chemical fiber

Seven holes, nine holes are waiting, the price is cheap, hygroscopicity, poor gas permeability, easy to produce odor, the human body feels stuffy, easy to generate static electricity, irritating to the skin, causing rough skin.

Cotton quilt

The moisture permeability is not strong, the human body feels wet and sticky, the free fiber is easy to enter the respiratory tract, and it is easy to hide dander, dust and mites, which may cause odor and the human body feels heavy.

Wool quilt

Good warmth, close-fitting, poor breathability, mites, easy to worms, not easy to care, high price


The price is high, the warmth is good, it is not close to the body, it is easy to get rid of worms, and it is easy to produce odor. The feathers are easy to be drilled from the fetus, and the sensitive physique and asthma patients are not suitable.

Silk quilt

High price, good warmth, antibacterial, anti-mite, no odor, no static electricity, no dust, breathable moisture absorption, good comfort and highest comfort. In addition, the silk has the meaning of "continuous", so it is also the best choice to give as a gift.

Winter is chosen

In summary, we can see that the most suitable for us is silk quilt, then how do we choose? Experts suggest that when people buy silk quilts, they can use the method of "seeing, touching, and smelling" to identify.

A look: see the details. The silk quilt of the regular brand has two or three centimeters of small holes at the corner of the square, which can be observed by consumers. High-quality silk has pearl color, less impurities, orderly silk, and diffuse refraction of light. The silk with poor quality has a pale appearance, a lot of impurities, a messy silk road, a dull and moist feeling.

Two touches: hand touch texture. The high-quality silk is draped, it feels soft and close to the body, while the chemical fiber is fluffy. At the same time, high-quality mulberry silk is not easy to tear, silk is long, up to about 100 cm. Tussah silk is relatively short, generally only 20 cm.

Three smells: Silk is an animal fiber, which has the smell of silkworm itself. Through the detection port of the silk quilt, the consumer can use the sense of smell to identify the silk scent of the silk. If the silkworm ribbon has an oily or mildew smell, it is inferior.

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