Stop the fine lines around the eyes, the loose skin of the eyes, and the serious dark circles. The skin care series teaches you a set of eye massage techniques , with eye essence, so that you can easily say goodbye to eye skin problems.

Dark circles, eye bags, eye tightening massage

Let the full essence into the eye skin

Eye serum is a more effective high-performance product than eye cream, but you should pay attention to such rich nutrients, you must massage it carefully into the skin, otherwise it will be bad if you grow into fat.

Massage Step 1: After applying the eye cream , look up the eye and quickly pat the lower part of the eye with the ring finger. The number of taps is about 20 times.

Dark circles, eye bags, eye tightening massage

Massage Step 2: Use the middle finger and the ring finger to move the abdomen to the temple from the inner eyelid and gently lift it upwards.

Dark circles, eye bags, eye tightening massage

The time to relax your eyes is when you make eye masks.

Let the eyes close, and easily rest for 15 minutes, surprised to find that the original listless skin, even restored the luster, really kill two birds!

Massage Step 1: Massage the skin of the eyes with a gentle tap and slide. Massage the skin of the eyes with a 8-word method to help the essence of the eye mask absorb.

Dark circles, eye bags, eye tightening massage

Anti-wrinkle eye cream saves nasty eye lines

The small fine lines that do not meet the ages creep up into the eyes, which can make the MM who has this problem call for help! Then use the anti-wrinkle products for fine lines!

Massage Step 1: Separate the middle finger from the ring finger, and move the ring finger from the inside to the end of the eyebrow along the brow bone, and then pull it closer to the temple.

Dark circles, eye bags, eye tightening massage

Massage Step 2: First gently press on the lower inner eyelid, then slowly slide, slide to the temple, do the lifting eyelid movement, remember not to circle. >>>> Spring Skin Sunscreen Delays Aging 6 Tips

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