In home decoration, wooden floors are more and more popular among consumers. Not only are they beautiful, durable, comfortable and warm, but they also have obvious advantages in health index, decoration effect and display of taste. Yangtze flooring is one of the largest wooden flooring manufacturers in China. It is a star brand in the flooring industry and has a good brand image in the minds of the public. How about the price of the Yangtze floor official website ? I have brought you more information on the Yangtze floor and introduced you to the latest Yangtze floor official website price.

Before you want to know the price of the Yangtze floor official website, let's take a look at the brief introduction of Yangtze floor

Introduction to Yangtze Floor

Yangzi Flooring is produced by Anhui Yangzi Flooring Co., Ltd. and is located in Chuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Anhui, China. Yangtze flooring has rich professional experience in R & D and manufacturing of flooring. It is completely manufactured according to international standards. The top equipment and exquisite craftsmanship are at the leading level in the country and are synchronized with the international.

Before you want to know the price of the Yangtze floor official website, let ’s take a look at the quality of the Yangtze floor.

How about the quality of the Yangtze floor

Yangtze Floor carries out full quality control from R & D to after-sales service to ensure product quality and service quality, and has won a good reputation from consumers. The imitation solid wood series and the ultra-solid wood waterproof EO standard health series floor are the two obvious products of the Yangtze floor, and are typical representatives of the imitation solid wood laminate flooring. Yangtze Floor continues to develop and innovate to meet the needs of consumers, enrich products, and upgrade product quality.

Yangtze Flooring has formed a unique corporate culture, always taking "customer first" as the core value of Yangtze, and thanking customers for giving back. Yangtze Floor also respects employees and believes that employees are the cornerstone of the company's development. It constantly encourages employees to give back to employees and let them grow together with the company.

Yangtze floor official website quote

Roughly around 80 ~ 120, it is very suitable for the working class. Of course, the price of different series must be different. There are also many varieties of the Yangtze floor. Yangtze flooring is not only affordable, but also does a good job in quality and after-sales service.

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