The cold current invaded Guangdong, and the love of the model furniture warmed everyone in the "House of Hope." On January 13, 2015, the outdoor temperature in Dongguan plummeted, with drizzle and cold wind. However, the “Home of Hope” in Dongguan’s Dongcheng Yingcai Meidi was particularly lively. It turned out that old friends came. A group of more than 50 people from the model furniture brought a new love of 200,000 yuan, and Xu Guofang, the chairman of the board, expressed concern and greetings to the eight children. This is already the third donation of the model furniture to the "House of Hope", and the current donation amount has reached more than 500,000 yuan. The accumulation is not only the number, but also the deepening of the whole charity of the model furniture.楷模家具

Hope House is a privately funded, non-profit, private charity. Founded by American Jenny in April 2011, the original intention is to provide a better living environment for some disabled orphans in the welfare home. The model furniture and the "House of Hope" became attached to the "foreigner's rebellion in China" incident in May 2012. At that time, the event's main Brazilian Mozer was exposed to the media in Dongguan and attracted Xu Guofang's attention. It is understood that Xu Guofang learned that the "Brazil Lei Feng" Mozer is an enthusiastic person who cares for orphans. He also helped a Wenchuan earthquake orphan through the "Home of Hope".
After learning about Mozer and the "Present Home" of "Hope of Hope", Xu Guofang led a model employee to hold a charitable donation activity for the "House of Hope". After Mozer proposed, he would fully fund Mozer's 100,000 yuan bonus. The House of Hope, and also purchased a large number of daily necessities and children's toys for the House of Hope. On January 6, 2014, Diemo Furniture donated another RMB 200,000 to the “Home of Hope”.

At present, the "House of Hope" has adopted eight children and invited seven aunts. For this donation, the director of the "Hope of Hope" said that the 200,000 yuan can provide them with more than half a year's expenses. These funds will be used to purchase children's necessities, pay employees' salaries, and rent. "Because the source of the economy here is mainly from donations, if there is no donation, it can only be paid by ourselves. Now that there are good people to help, we will be a little easier, and the model has given us a lot of help."
Guo Yinglan, a model person who participated in the donation activity, said, “It is very difficult to see these children with disabilities. The parents who abandoned them are really irresponsible. I hope this donation will allow them to eat better and wear them. Better, when you are sick, you can go to the hospital for treatment in time. In addition, as a company, you have the responsibility and obligation to help these vulnerable groups in the society. This is also the general family led by Xu Zonghuo. The charity is not short-term. It is long-term."

Love has changed from a good deed to a moment of concern. This is the most primitive and essential essence of charity. The public welfare should not have any utilitarian color. As a company, it is a realm to regard charity as a feedback to society. Not only for the "Home of Hope", but also for the past, a series of charitable activities such as funding Xiaoyue Yue, Chen Xianmei, Hunan Li Aijun and Zhang Longjiao's daughter, Rizhao's strong boy Wang Rong, employee Zhong Haiyang and so on. It is also "very hard". Let love pass the fire, use love to purify the soul, and the model furniture is becoming a "charity model" in the corporate world!

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