[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [Chinese wardrobe network ] At home, there are always a lot of things, storage is a very important part of the home life, regardless of the size of the space must pay attention to the storage effect. In addition to the practical wardrobe design, the storage cabinet is also indispensable in the home. Today, China Wardrobe Network carefully selected 7 storage cabinets, how about it, let's take a look.

Fruit green fresh storage cabinet

Living room cabinet design

The personality of the storage cabinet is changed and the empty corner of the home is no longer lonely (appreciate more wardrobe pictures) )

This fruit-green storage cabinet will give you a fresh look at a glance. Although the design of this storage cabinet is very simple, the storage function is not inferior.

Dark blue retro storage cabinet

Fruit green fresh storage cabinet picture

The personality of the storage cabinet is greatly changed, and the empty corner of the home is no longer lonely. (Appreciate more wardrobe pictures )

The overall cabinet is dark blue and has a vintage feel. In addition to decoration at home, you can also accommodate many small pieces. There are also some idle items placed above the cabinet.

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