How to effectively lose weight by running fitness
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Is running weight loss effective? The answer is yes. In weight-loss fitness, running can be regarded as the simplest and safest. As long as you have mastered the right essentials and postures, you will be able to sprint and build your body and body! You heart it?
Many people think that running for a long time, speed, and weight loss exercise is just as good as it is. Although running fast, the heat consumed is more, but it will increase the burden on the calf, accelerate muscle growth, and make the calf thicker. Therefore, a friend who wants to lose weight through running is best to perform jogging exercises. The time that fat really burns is after 30 minutes of continuous exercise, so it is better to continue jogging for more than 30 minutes. The intensity of exercise should be maintained at about 75% of its maximum exercise intensity. Doing this, coupled with a continuous exercise process and lasting more than half an hour, can consume more fat and achieve an ideal fitness effect.

How can I know what my 75% exercise intensity is? One way is to calculate (220-age)*75% that is the pulse rate that needs to be maintained during running. You can measure it yourself with a wristwatch with the appropriate function, or you can use a treadmill with the corresponding function.

The other method is determined by the feeling of the runner. When the runner feels tired and tired while running, the exercise intensity is about 75%.
Running seems simple, but it is also necessary to master certain skills.
(1) Head and shoulders remain stable while running. Visually ahead, squats.
(2) Micro-grip of the hand, with the arm being bent 90 degrees, naturally swinging back and forth. When you move forward, your elbow shows you, and when you move backwards, you reveal yourself.
(3) The lower leg is used to drive the lower leg, and the knee joint is oriented toward the toe.
(4) To relax your feet, do not tighten your toes. Do not use too much force on the ground when the sole is on the ground.
After exercise, you must perform moderate stretching. You can hold the wall with both hands, keep the heel behind and feel the stretching of the calf muscles. Conditions allow hot water to wipe body and avoid using cold water. The heart rate returned to normal levels before drinking and eating.

When spring comes, will the summer be far behind, hurry up and greet the fiery summer with the perfect figure!

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