Foshan Hongming Furniture Co., Ltd. Marketing Director Yu Chi

[美家网] Yu, hello. Thank you for accepting an interview with Has the decline in merchants participating in this year's furniture fair have affected the expected effect of Jane's participation in this exhibition?

[Yuchi]: In the early stage of the exhibition, we have already done more than the full analysis of this year's furniture exhibition. The decline of participating merchants is within our expectation, which may lead to the following three factors: Under the conditions of a large market economic environment, more dealers will choose the brand in March to seize the golden season of the gold, nine silver and ten silver. Second, the types of brands involved, affecting the positive of the merchants, the production areas across the country are slowly tending When the time of maturity develops, the merchants are more or less tired. The third is the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival, which affects the participation of local merchants.

[] Specifically for the exhibition, what actions does Hongming have to support dealers?

[Yuchi] This year's furniture exhibition, we are also based on this platform to showcase new products, listen to the opinions of more business customers, communicate with more business people, and practice internal strength in March. At that time, it was able to make a hit, and the recognition from the majority of merchants has reached the expected volume, so this exhibition was also very successful.

[]: Does the company highlight the highlights of the exhibitions with previous policies? Can you disclose it with the majority of netizens?

[Yuchi] The highlight of the investment promotion, we pay more attention to the increase of added value, we are more to consider from the perspective of dealers, we pay attention to how to help dealers, how to let rabbits eat wolves, if it is for Blindly expand the number of dealers. Both companies and dealers will be very tired. Therefore, when choosing a dealer, Jane will consider the following three aspects: First, the positioning of the store and the benefits of the market. Second, the concept of the dealer can be compared with the idea of ​​the enterprise. The third is the strength of local dealers.

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