The "first hot" of e-commerce in China appeared in the small-sized daily necessities industry such as clothing, books, cosmetics, etc. In 2011, Taobao Mall's Singles Day promotion was the highest seller of single-day orders. In addition, the digital and home appliance industries have also earned a "pot full of pots" in the e-commerce market with the growth of Jingdong Mall. Some people predict that the "exciting point" of China's e-commerce economy will move to the non-standardized large-scale commodity field, and the furniture that has been wearing the "semi-standardized" hat is also listed. In fact, a domestic B2C website has appeared for a long time. A certain brand of pure e-commerce furniture sellers "a certain wood industry", annual sales reached 200 million yuan, for the furniture industry wading e-commerce opened a good start.

However, if you want to promote the furniture industry to develop in the e-commerce market, there are still many problems that cause headaches.

Because in fact, the standardized production of the furniture industry has been difficult to fully implement, so it is not unreasonable to say that furniture is a "non-standardized" product. There are many reasons for this: First, there are many furniture parts, but China's furniture design lacks standardization principles. Generally speaking, the parts between furniture and furniture are not interchangeable, which reduces the efficiency of design and reduces the efficiency. Manufacturing efficiency also makes the patch quite cumbersome.

Secondly, there are many raw materials for furniture, including fabrics, leather materials, plates, hardware and so on. Each category has countless kinds of materials. Once there is a problem, it is difficult to replace, and the furniture transaction amount is large, and the loss is serious. This indirectly gives furniture consumers the risk of buying mistakes. Especially for the network consumption that can't be seen and touched, buying furniture will inevitably lead to countless concerns, which has become a "baffle" for many furniture companies to enter the e-commerce industry.

For example, when I opened the furniture consumer evaluation of a B2C website, I saw many users asking such questions. "There are errors in furniture and pictures," "Furniture can't be placed at home," and "does not match the style of home decoration." These problems are largely due to the "non-standardized" nature of furniture, which has become a difficult problem for furniture e-commerce companies.

For such "non-standardized" products, if it is not possible to uniformly produce raw materials, it is better to improve the sales terminal display. In this regard, "In this online electronic mall that also sells "non-standardized" furniture, we can create a "standardized room". To put these "non-standardized" furniture."

The mall can provide two kinds of “standardized rooms”: one is the “network 3D model room” designed by the interior designer team of the mall. The “3D model room” is comparable to the actual model room, with beautiful decoration and complete style. It is popular among many consumers; the other is the “network 3D unit” that is drawn by the consumer on the platform provided by the mall and is consistent with the size of the home and the decoration. Consumers can create 3D furniture models in the mall by simply letting them choose the furniture they choose in the home shopping mall. You can place 3D furniture in these 3D units or 3D model rooms to see the matching effect according to your personal preferences. After accurate calculation, the 3D floor of the network, 3D furniture and real objects are scaled according to a certain scale, allowing the user to experience the very realistic furniture placement effect, and the decoration renderings provided by the mall can be used as actual. Construction plan. In this way, the "furniture" from online shopping will no longer cause buyers to lose because of the lack of style and unreasonable size. This can be said to be a successful "standardization" marketing of "non-standardized" furniture through technology research and development and exploration.

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